Getting Specific about the Direction Your Life is Taking

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Catching a Wake Up!

Today’s blog is going to be mind-blasting.  I have had a revelation!

You would think that as a self-empowerment writer I would eat, breath and poop the Law of Attraction and understand it fully.  Oh boy, so did I!

The Universal Curve-Ball

I fell off the bandwagon a few weeks ago but it was such a slow tumble that I hadn’t realized I was falling until a few days ago.

I have been verbally (telling my friends and husband in frustration) and mentally (reaffirming this over and over again in my head) repeating a mantra of late:

“I have no time, I’m so busy, I’ve no time for myself”

moonlit forestOh, Cherie, for someone who knows that what you think about you bring about, those are foolish words!

I’ve even been telling people that I wish I could clone myself at least three times and give each replica jobs to do on top of trying to squeeze an eighth day into every week.

My new year’s resolution for 2013 was to meet new people, make new contacts and get myself ‘out there’ more physically (as opposed to having my nose stuck to my computer).  The opportunities have been rolling in — from attending lectures and mingling with like-minded folks to being invited to go to the theater.

Getting My Act Together:  Act 1 — Scene 1

So, to cut a long story short, I was walking on the beach thinking of my ‘problems’ when I was gifted with a moment of clarity.

The Universe:  Didn’t you get what you wanted?

Cherie:  Um…yes, I suppose but now I don’t have any time for myself.

The Universe:  What do you mean?

Cherie:  I’m very grateful for all the opportunities and recognition I’ve been getting recently but I wish you could space these gifts out a bit.

The Universe:  How?

Cherie:  Well, like give me say a weeks’ notice prior to each meeting/event so that I can properly organize instead of having everything one on top of the other and feel completely unprepared and have to shift my workload into my weekend.

The Universe:  OK.

Yes, for those wondering, I do actually have these conversations in my head.  Am I mad — probably.  But mad is the new sane.  Here’s why…

Instant Feedback that it Worked!

Painters UniverseThat very evening, my best friend writes to let me know that he is visiting South Africa and will be here in 7 days’ time.

I was so excited about this that it didn’t dawn on me that I had got that instant feedback that the Universe was listening.  It however did smack me over the head a couple of hours later and I burst out laughing.

My hat! The Universe had not only acquiesced to my request but was rather darn specific about the details to boot!

I’m amazed at how this system actually works.  I know it does but sometimes I get carried away in that old 3D tide of life and forget that I am in control all the way.

Improvising Your Menu

I hope you come away from this tale of timely terror with a renewed sense that:

  • When you are clear about what you want, the Universe conspires to make it happen.
  • The Universe constantly gives you things that it thinks you’re asking for.
  • If it’s not congruent with what you do actually want, you need to get more specific.  Hone your desires.  Be clear about what you do want.
  • You need to keep assessing what you’re being given so that you shape what it is you specifically want.  Only you can do this, don’t leave it to fate.
  • You can ask for anything.

Money, Money, Money — It’s a Rich Man’s World

The next thing that dawned on me is that I have been working my butt off and, admittedly, been getting opportunities to network, grow and expand in my field but I have not been asking for financial compensation.

In fact, I am just making my bills every month by the skin of my teeth.

I’m grateful that I can pay my rent and put food on the table but I want more.  I want certain luxuries (like all of us do), I want to travel and I want to save.

I have also had my eye on a darling pair of red velvet shoes…lol.

All jokes aside, I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid as to not pick up on the fact that I’m not being clear about how much I want to earn for all my efforts.

Sometimes we get so carried away with all the gumpf in our lives that we forget to spell out the obvious.

So, even though I have not hit the jackpot yet — my request is still in the pipeline — I just know I’m going to get a huge windfall soon.

Happy manifesting!

Please share your stories here.  How are you doing in the manifestation department?  Are you seeing the fruits of your visualizations or are you still having trouble manifesting your desires?

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10 thoughts on “Getting Specific about the Direction Your Life is Taking

  1. This is EXACTLY what I have been going through recently – telling myself I have no time! And having the discussion with myself of how negative that saying is. But you’ve expanded further than I have got… 🙂
    Thanks for the post!


  2. Oh I just realised something too. I have just come back from renewing my licence and the thought that I needed to put a disclaimer on my website. My next thought was “oh dear I need to see an example of this” I arrived back home, turned on my computer, opened my email, saw your blog, read your blog and there it was — an example of a disclaimer. yes indeed, ask and it is given 😉


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