Your Solar Plexus: First Impressions are Usually Right

We have an unnatural amount of data to process than that of the average human being, say just 30 years ago let alone a century back. We have social media and most of us get swept away in superfluous cr@p on our newsfeeds — we see the daily activities of people we don’t even know.

We subscribe to pages that feed us information on celebrities, sports stars, politicians, gurus — you name it!

We have so many faces, characters and perceived personalities to sift through every day that it is no wonder we have become numb to our own perceptions and impressions of people. We have forgotten that we have a superpower — we have inner radar.

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WTF Happened to Freedom of Thought and Freedom of Speech!

SUBSCRIBE icon 1I have noticed — with greater severity of late — that people (or sheeple in this case) seem to be following a cut and dry ‘herd’ mentality. A way of thinking that leaves no room for grey area or much-needed debate or alternative perspective.

I get that it’s hard to see — when we’re in the thick of it — that we’re being ushered into thinking left or right (or whatever the case may be).

I have noticed — with growing concern — that people seem to be choosing sides without much thought, reacting out of emotional pain-bodies with little contemplation to evidence, condemning without patience or research of an alternative point of view, having a do or die mentality and completely sh*tting on another persons right to have a competing perception or opinion for him/herself.

If an opinion differs from mainstream it is literally taken down or you are ‘unfriended’ or persecuted or trolled into submission.

Welcome to the United States of Eurasia!

This is not a democratic society we are living in, it’s turning into that insidious Orwellian society we were warned about. I saw something the other day that made me laugh although it’s not really funny: (paraphrasing) “1984 was supposed to be a fictional novel and not a governmental instruction manual”

The media is whipping people into a galvanized frenzy and we need to be extremely careful!

The best thing you can pray for right now is clarity of mind (see my article: ) and the ability to be able to allow someone else a contrary opinion. It’s the ‘my God is the true God and your God sucks’ mentality.

We need to honour the opinions, religions, political views of others and not tell them how they should think. It’s just plain childish to bulldoze someone else to have your line of thinking. It certainly doesn’t get anybody anywhere and only creates greater division (which is a win for the ‘Powers that Were’).

There’s only one rule in the Wiccan tradition and that is ‘do what you want as long as it harms none’. Well that pretty much covers it all, doesn’t it?

If other people don’t abide by this, know that karma is a bitch. All you can do is live in your integrity and help others who may not have the rights or ability to make condoning decisions if need be (as in children, animals, the Earth).

Judging Books by Content Not Covers

I wanted to end this off with saying that we, as a species, have a wonderful ability to sense or ‘read’ energy — it’s that gut instinct (solar plexus). You have a chakra located in your belly area that has an innate intelligence. If you take the time out to actually feel or listen to what it is telling you, you will greatly benefit from the experience.

First impressions are usually accurate because your energy field is picking up on the other energy fields emissions  and doing a quick and smart analysis of intent. When you get an uneasy feeling — it’s a sure sign that although the persons smile, words, resume and actions might be polished (and completely fake), their inherent nature is lacking somehow.

We know that white toothy grins do not the trustworthy politician make, so we need to start looking past peoples faces and words and tune into the frequency they are emitting.

Trust your gut — it’s usually never wrong. It’s a super-power worth developing — you’re going to need it!

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