How to Destroy a Frown with One Simple Trick

Looking through the window...Cherie Roe Dirksen

Kiss the Rain (Kiss My Butt!)

I woke up this morning with a cloud of doom and gloom hovering over my head — a mood that can only most succinctly be labeled as feeling utterly ‘crap’.  There is just no other word to encapsulate the emotion that would do it justice.  The weather even reflected my dull mood as it was freezing cold and raining heavily.

My leaking roof dripped dulcetly into a bucket reminding me that, metaphorically speaking, I had leakages and the dams were getting ready to burst.  It sure felt like it as I gulped back the tears.

I had had a bad dream and I felt like the floor could just swallow me up as I sat on my couch not even bothering to make myself a morning cuppa.  The dream was bringing back uncomfortable memories of earlier life experiences and issues.

Lunatics and Full Moons

 Original Acrylic Painting by Cherie Roe Dirksen

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I pondered these issues and came to my resolutions but still felt completely voided — I really intensely can’t bear this zero-point energy!  2013 was labeled astrologically and esoterically as the ‘Year of Full Moons’ and it sure is living up to all expectation.

One minute you’re on a high and the next minute you’re begging for the earth to swallow you whole.

My husband meandered down the stairs and after settling down, got the rundown of why my face looked like I was sucking on a sour-worm confectionary — a sight he is not that unfamiliar with.

Ebbs and Flows

We are both used to each others severe energetic mood swings by now and, no, it’s not because we are schizophrenic or in any dire need of a high dosage of Lithium — it’s a part of our reconfiguration to all this new energy influx, what some are calling the birthing of a new age or the ascension of humanity.  Read more about that HERE.

But let’s get back to this 3D life of woe and misery…

Music is My First Love

I had things to do; dishes to wash, paintings to package (a chore that has me getting my knickers in a knot with tape in my hair and cardboard lying all over the floor — suffice to say, not something I relish) and other tedious work-related stuff.

What to do?


Prints and Greeting Cards Available — click on picture

I reached over for my iPod and placed it on the docking station.  The Beatles started playing ‘Rain’ (how appropriate!) and I instantly felt my mood begin to lift as I boogied down to some good old ’60’s rock.

I know I’ve banged on about this before but I just feel it needs reiterating;  MUSIC CURES ALL AILS!

Seriously, I thought nothing was going to bring me out of this pit but within 30 seconds my arse was swaying to the synchronized sounds of the fab four.

Mike looked at me, eyebrows raised as if to say, ‘And now?’.  I just smiled…sweet music, my hero!

Next step:  Where’s my coffee plunger?

Time for some chat back….

  • Who’s your favourite band/musician?
  • What music instantly lifts your vibration?
  • Have you ever tried music therapy?
  • Does music lift your spirits when you’re down in the dumps?

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