Why Anybody Can Be Creative (video tutorial incl.)

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Where to Start Looking for that Creative Spark…

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Page 2 of ‘Creative Expression – How to find your inspiration…‘ tackles the fact that creativity comes in many shapes and forms. People who chime that they haven’t got a creative or artistic bone in their body seriously need to see this — I hope I can twist your arm about that.

I’m going to explore the many avenues creative expression can take — see if you can identify with them and nurture them in your day-to-day living.

When you tap into your own divine, unique form of creative expression, the joy and happiness with spill over and out of your own life to positively affect the lives of those around you.

For what is creativity but an enhancement and beautification of the life you came here to live?

  • Do you now recognize any creative traits within yourself?
  • Are you going to take them to the next level?
  • If you did connect the dots and have a secret passion lurking in the shadows waiting to see the light of day, will you be willing to gift yourself more time to be in that space of creative expression?

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Next week, I’ll be exploring page 3 which is something we all need to hear.

CRDCherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

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Ignite Your Creative Flame!

 The search for purpose or meaning in our lives is rooted in the deepest feelings

that stir within.

To find our unique spark, that will ignite the flame.

That which burns to give birth to creation.

For it is creativity that leads us to fulfilling our dreams and stokes our fires.

A world without creativity would be unbearable to try to even imagine…

Inspiration takes on many forms.

 What does your creative expression look like?

Have you found yourself lost in time when you are immersed in your passion?

What is it, no matter how insignificant to you, that makes you feel at home?

And reminds you of how beautiful life can be?

Find the answer and find your gateway to utilizing your divine, unique gifts – everybody has

a gift(s) although the packages may vary.

There is no stopping creative flow…

It will never cease to be.

The only limitations to creation are the ones that are self inflicted.

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