Don’t Let Control Issues Ruin Your Life

If you hold onto how things have to happen you are being manipulated by the ‘negative’ aspect of the ego.

The ego has its place in your life. It is responsible for making your experience — in the physical plane — real. However, when the ego thinks it can control how your life pans out — you’re about to be steered to rocky waters.

Your ego is essentially rudderless and clueless.

Controlling your circumstances will always lead you straight into a brick wall.

‘You’re Blocking Me, Again’

I am an expert at control issues. It’s been the predominant program running in my life. Just when I think I’ve shut the program down for good, it pops up in some cunning new disguise to fool me into thinking I’m ‘in the flow, dude’ when it actually has a hidden agenda of control and manipulation.

SUBSCRIBE icon 1I recently recognized that my ego was in control again in a completely different arena of my life — it had completely blind-sided me. When I saw it for what it was and what was playing out in my life as an effect, it was face-palm time.

My control issues had flared up in a silent, transparent blaze.

I was running on autopilot (the subconscious programming — read more about that HERE). It had me jumping through hoops and trying to manipulate my circumstances instead of just being.

It’s the part of you that wants you to continuously do and not simply be.

Human Doing vs Human Being

I was stuck in the loop of controlling my life through doing more. Maybe you can relate?

When you’re aware that you are the creator of your reality and you step into the role of conceiving an idea (which is sent from HQ or the higher mind and never the ‘ego’ mind), taking action to set the idea into motion and then exercising patience and trust that the universe is working on the quickest plan, you’re truly in ‘the flow’.

The negative controlling ego is that part that insists that you should do more to make it happen. It may take the form of more marketing, more pushing, more action, more visualizations of how something must take place, etc.

Swimming Upstream

What I’ve learned is that you take inspired action and no more (well, unless you are inspired to take another step). Follow the synchronicity (those bread crumbs the universe lays out for you). That’s inspired action.

Uninspired egoic action is pushing and trying to manipulate your circumstance that feels unnatural, tough or ‘hard’. That’s when you are most likely to hit a wall. Don’t hate the wall, just recognize it as a sign from HQ saying, ‘You’re not in the flow, cupcake. Relax and be patient’.

High vibes attract high vibe connections (read more about that HERE). Let go of your incessant control over things and let the universe guide you to your highest excitement or your next inspired step.

Cherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author/columnist, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

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