‘How Can Nothing Mean So Much?’ — Featured in Odyssey Magazine’s 40th Anniversary Special Edition (FREE)!

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The latest edition of Odyssey magazine is out and we’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of this conscious publication — how awesome is that?

You can read the entire digimag HERE. You will find my latest article How Can Nothing Mean So Much?‘ on pages 86-88. You can read it there but here’s a teaser…

How Can Nothing Mean So Much?

Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching is full of infinite wisdom. Cherie Roe Dirksen looks at one of the teachings about seeming ‘emptiness’ to cast new perspective on the space between and the beautiful yet somewhat hidden aspects of the unseen realm…


The following extract is from teaching no. 11 of the Tao Te Ching:

“A wheel is useful, because of the hole at the centre of the hub.

A clay pot is useful, because it contains empty space.

Doors and windows are useful, because they are gaps in the walls.

The value of what is there, lies in what is not there!”

This teaching shows us a way to use our instinctive wisdom to view life from a brave new slant. Perspective holds the key to infinite intelligence in a variety of different ways if we only open the door to receiving such super vision.

In a society that predominantly values only what can be experienced through our 5 senses, and therefore can be scientifically proven, cannot place credence nor credibility on the unseen realm — the space in between. However, our innate guides us to have faith that the unseen is just as valuable and palpable as the seen, if you know what to look for and can trust your gut instinct to feel for truth in any given situation.

Understanding the Tao

Odyssey special editionThe Tao is a beautiful example of this premise as its very definition is the great mystery — the underlying and absolute principle of the universe. It is the unification of polarity, it is ‘the way’ or ‘code of behaviour’ that is in complete resonance and harmony with natural law and its incomprehensible order. It is what science now terms ‘intelligent design’.

In order to play in the field of such unseen but infinite possibility, we are asked to let go of preconceived ideas and to allow the Universe to work its magic. We are encouraged to Trust with a capital T. This simply means that we give up our ceaseless control and surrender to the divine flow of Universal Tao order.

The Universe knows what it is baking. If you, as the impatient sous chef, keep on opening the oven to check on the progress — the cake is going to flop or not rise to its full and fluffy potential. Trusting that the Universe has your back will get you to your greatest potential in the quickest way possible. Whereas constant interference from a place of wanting to see substantial effects may cause frustrating delay in an outcome or the ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ scenario.

When we learn to see that what cannot be seen has just as much dynamism and use as what is noticeable, we can start to get out of our own way and allow for magic to happen.

Hang On…Maybe You Should Let Go

You’ve probably heard the annoying saying, ‘you’ve got to let go to receive’. It’s exasperatingly dichotomous to let go of something in order to have it but then the Tao/Universe wouldn’t be a mystery without this annoying little sub-plot, now would it? It implies that we need to let go of our stubborn need for control to open up to the many mysteries of the cosmos.

When you can trust without question, you can move into a space of pure accepting, allowing and manifesting. When you can give thanks for the unseen forces at work in your life as well as the seen, you step into the field of all possibility. You become the observer of reality and not merely a pawn to the relentless pursuits of the egoic mind.  You understand that there is infinite value in everything — seen or unseen. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON PAGE 86 BY CLICKING HERE.

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