Are You Being Challenged Today?

It is what it is…

When I feel challenged by outside or external influences or situations, my favourite phrase to bring me into the present moment is ‘it is what it is’…

Such a simple, yet effective phrase. In it’s simplicity it offers you a gateway, a bridge to cross from potentially being swept away with unhelpful emotions to being in a realm of acceptance – which ultimately brings with it, peace.

Accepting What Is

When you accept what is happening, you are offering up no resistance to any given situation. It is not always the easiest of practices but if you can be present enough, in the moment, you will remember this phrase and be able to accept and cope with whatever life throws at you. From the small things in life to the more challenging things.

“…ultimately, you have a choice to make it a neutral situation or a big disaster “

Let’s Explore This Through Examples:

One bright and sunny day, I ventured outside to have my morning cuppa.  I carefully positioned myself to sit so that I wouldn’t knock the table and spill the contents of my mug. I succeeded in doing this until I bumped the table with my leg as I crossed it which tipped a whole lot of water, that had been accumulating in the center of the table after a nightfall of rain, into my lap and spilling the coffee I was so desperately trying to keep from spilling.

For a few seconds I sat there observing my very wet trousers and the table full of coffee then I remembered my favourite phrase and began to laugh.

This could have gone horribly wrong as I have a bad temper but, ultimately, you have a choice to make it a neutral situation or a big disaster (which by the way always starts to snowball out of control until you are having a thoroughly bad day).

“To fight against a situation and to ask ‘how could this happen to me’ will bring nothing but grief and despair”

Even with the bigger things. I recently lost both my parents to cancer in a span of 5 years and even though I miss them terribly at times, I know that they are with me always and that this situation is what it is.

The relationship I have with them now has taken on a different form. I have no doubt that they are happy in the dimension that they are in and I can make peace with that. This is what it is.  To resist this would bring a lot of unhappiness which would not benefit anybody.

Don’t Judge the Situation

Try to apply this to your situation, see events as not being either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but simply ‘being what they are’.

To fight against a situation and to ask ‘how could this happen to me’ will bring nothing but grief and despair. Any situation you find yourself in, is as it is and all things will pass – this is a fact.

“There is always light, even in the darkest of places”

So whenever life throws you a curve ball, throw it back and say ‘I accept that this is what it is’. This does not mean that you don’t care, it simply means that you are not resisting what is and cannot change.

If you can change it then by all means do and then accept that situation for what it is.  You will find that there is always light, even in the darkest of places.

It is up to you to seek it out and to focus your intent on always seeing the good in everything.

If you can truly live like this it will make your life a lot more peaceful.

  • Do you have a story to share?
  • How do you stay grounded in this seemingly chaotic world?
  • Do you need help in trying to see the forest for the trees?

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