Expressing Dis-Ease Through Painting and Poetry

Forest Scenes From the Studio

I’m SO getting back into painting my tree figures at the moment and it’s about time too!

After the guided meditation I went through at the beginning of last year (2014), that showed me a myriad of these images and profoundly nudged me in that artistic direction, I’m actually taking the full-on plunge now.  You can read all about the juicy details of that 2014 guided meditation HERE.

As the saying goes, better late than never!

The Lady of the Forest

Here is what emerged onto the canvas and it is followed by a short poem I conjured up in the aftermath, which epitomizes the feelings I was going through when painting this:

The Lady of the Forest bob

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Poem behind the painting:

“The cancer is spreading by the roots through the forest — fear is its name.

Slowly consuming all life in its wake — no-one seems to know it’s there.

Who will save them, who even cares?

The one they call Motherby nature, She knows what’s best.

She’ll turn to the light, the giver of life, and deliver the cure through her matrix.”

We are all one, connected by our roots — the tree of life — when one suffers we all suffer, when one turns on the light, we are all illuminated.  I look into your face and see myself.  You are never alone, there is always hope.

The Lady of the Forest

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  • Have your say in the comment box below — what came up for you looking at this painting or reading the poem?
  • Did it make sense to you?
  • Do you have another take or interpretation to offer?
  • Do the colours speak to you?
  • How does the general atmosphere of the painting make you feel?

I’d love to hear your feedback 😀

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