Are you Swimming in a Sea of Possibility?

Your Creative Legacy

You may think of yourself as a mere drop in the ocean but also know that you are the ocean.  You are special and are eagerly encouraged to leave your loving, creative mark on the world.

In the sea of all possibilities, what form will your mark take?  I can assure you that the excitement lies in finding out.

Remember that the journey should be as pleasurable as arriving at the destination.

Spice it Up!

Your unique stamp or soul imprint allows others to experience life from a different perspective.

Your personal creative endeavours lead to your specific  brand of reality…which allows the collective to experience variety – the spice of life.

Anyone Qualifies!

Imagine a world without musicians, architects, artists, playwrights, comedians, chefs, teachers, programmers, entrepreneurs, healers, writers, homemakers, artisans, designers, gardeners, builders and all those souls who exercise creative flow with everything they touch and do – no matter what profession they are in.

I can’t – can you?

You can contribute to creative expression no matter who you are – no exceptions!

The above imagery and quotations were taken from my table book of art and inspirational teachings called ‘Creative Expression — How to find your inspiration’ (please click the book icon to take you to a full preview of the book):