Are You Breathing Correctly?

Why is the Quality of Breath Important?


It is the first thing we do when we experience this life in biology and the last thing we do when we exit.  As physical beings, it is our life – we cannot function without it.  It is the miracle of breath.

“Breathing correctly enlivens your mind, invigorates the body and helps you to find clarity”

In meditation, it is our bridge between the noise of our minds and the approaching silence.  It is our pathway to stillness, to present moment awareness.  Breathing correctly enlivens your mind, invigorates the body and helps you to find clarity.  Your quality of breath will determine your quality of life.

Breathe deep, let your stomach fill with air, breathe out and know that you are alive, feel the tingling sensation in your body.  Your cells are alive and bursting with energy.

Deep breathing will help your body and bring balance to your biology.  Try to consciously breathe, even if it is every hour. Most of us breathe shallowly most of the time which restricts oxygen to the brain causing fatigue and lethargy so, whenever you can, put your attention on your breath.

Try this exercise: 

Breathe in to the count of eight – really fill your lungs and let your stomach expand to the extent that you look pregnant.  Hold that breath to the count of eight and then release it slowly to the count of eight.

Do this 3 times as many times a day as you can, especially in the morning, when you awaken, and just before sleep.  It will give you an added kick to the day and induce restful sleep at night.

Mindful Breathing Soothes the Soul

When you engage in mindful breathing – putting your mind on inhalation and exhalation — you form a bridge to the quiet place in your mind.  When a thought arises, brush it aside,  you will need to do this a lot as the mind and ego loves to interrupt this process.  It is like a child that needs to be disciplined a few times before it backs down.

With time and practice, you will be able to cross that bridge a little easier every time you engage in the stillness or meditation (Thursday’s blog will look at the importance of meditation in our lives).

Don’t judge yourself or get upset if your mind just won’t shut up – this is normal and takes a lot of practice to get to the point where you can achieve full stillness without the ‘white noise’.

My Mind just won’t Shut Up!

Sometimes my mind just won’t let go of a song or tune when I am trying to meditate and I just let that be – it usually dissipates in the end anyway.  Follow your mind wherever it takes you.

“This is the journey into the mind and it can be a wonderfully calming experience…”

This journey can be really awesome as you begin to sense the vibrations and different frequencies in the ether and all around you.  It might come in the form of flashing or bright coloured lights or a vortex or wormhole.  Sometimes it just remains dark or ‘spotty’ – a bit like the night sky.  Stay with this and see where it takes you.  This is the journey into the mind and it can be a wonderfully calming experience (it can also be a rollercoaster ride for some, so buckle up!).

Here is a great site for different breath techniques –

Thursdays blog is going to take a look at the importance of meditation and quieting the mind…

The above blog has been taken from an extract in my first book ‘Divine You — Redefining Love in the New Earth’.

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