What Ancient Egyptians Can Teach Us About Balance of the Sexes

I Want My Mummy!

Interestingly enough, ancient Egypt did have some roots in matriarchal living.  Akhenaton, the recently discovered father of Tutankhamun (as proved through DNA samples), tried to bring this ancient teaching back during his reign — which was short, only lasting 16 years — and did  so until his untimely death and the orders of the new pharaoh wiped out any mention of its existence, knocking down temples and palaces and using the rubble to build new sites, re-establishing the old religions.

Akhenaton (or Amenhotep IV, 18th Dynasty) is also said to have been the predecessor of modern monotheism, the belief in only one God — Aten.

Back to Egyptian Matriarchy

What I love about this concept is that it is not the extreme sway from a male-dominated society to a female-dominated one, no — it is the balance between the two.  The divine counternance of yin and yang.

In many of the statues, the women is depicted with her hand on the mans shoulder.  This  is alleged to symbolize that he belongs to her, a kind of ‘ownership’. The Happeh Theory suggests that this has got to do with energy or the ‘chi’ of the yin/yang principle — a linked energy.

The wigs that the Pharaohs/Rulers wore also have an interesting theory.  When a Pharaohs wig became longer (leaning towards looking more feminine) it denoted that he was a more balanced, wise and spiritual leader — it was a high rank bestowed upon him.  They clearly revered their women and the part a women has to play in balance.

Photo (Egyptian Family) taken by my grandfather, Harry Roe, during his service in Egypt in WW2.


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      • I have just returned from Egypt yesterday and noticed that the modern Egyptians definitely need to get in touch with their feminine side. It is very patriarchal there now, I hardly saw any women in the first few days. The men dominate most of the work force and it is very unusual to find a women in the workplace. But, on the flip side, the youth are very into having change in the country and don’t like the idea of having more than one wife, etc — so there is still hope.


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