Are You Having Problems Receiving? You May be Interested to Know That it is Just as Important as Giving…


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The Law of Giving and Receiving

“Giving opens the way for receiving.” — Florence Scovel Shinn

Deepak Chopra wrote a book that changed my life forever.

I stumbled upon it very early on in my quest for spiritual truth — it’s called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

Now I know most of you have probably read it or heard of it (if you haven’t yet put eyeballs to paper/kindle yet I strongly urge you to do so) but I wanted to briefly recap on Law no. 2, seeing it is the season of giving and receiving.

Deepak states that the flow of life is the harmony of interaction between all elements and forces that make up the field of existence. Because our mind and body are in constant flux (as is the universe), stopping the circulation of vital energy would be tantamount to stopping the flowing of our blood.

No blood flow = blood clot.

His conclusion was that in order to keep this vital chi force from stagnating we must learn to give and receive. So whatever you are wanting to manifest in life — be it good company, money, affluence, love, joy, etc — that is what we must give out into the world.

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Easier Said Than Done?

A lot of people have no problem giving — it is the receiving part that most shudder at.

Perhaps we were taught that receiving was impolite and we should graciously decline offerings of any sort. Or,  maybe some think that if someone is trying to give us something it appears that we are lacking in some way. Therefore we shun the gift so as not to look needy or ‘down and out’.

This is an ego trap.

When you block someone from giving, you are stopping that vital energetic exchange from circulating. How would you feel if your gifts weren’t received?

It gives most of us great joy to be able to give, so why stop that joy from others? Allow other people to give to you or you may be hampering their ability to be in the universal flow.

Don’t be blood-clotting anybody, you hear?!

How Do I Start Today to Bring the Flow into My Life?

According to the book (7 Spiritual Laws of Success), when you come into contact with anyone, you give them something. This doesn’t have to be material things, it could be a blessing, a flower, a sincere compliment, etc. You’ll find that sometimes the most powerful gestures of giving are non-material (you can occasionally throw in something of a material nature too though).

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“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” — Lao Tzu

Think about it — giving the gift of your undivided attention or heart-felt affection and caring are priceless gifts and they won’t break the bank!

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Putting It to the Test

I’d like to demonstrate this with a recent experience of mine. I had my 9 year old niece and nephew (they’re twins) come stay with us for a couple of days. We live out in the country, so there are no such things as malls or cinemas (which these children are accustomed to where they come from).

I decided to devote all the time in those two days to these beautiful children in the form of picnicking at our local waterfall and swimming in the mountain pass to mingling with the community at our village’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony and coloring in with them on the dining room table.

All these activities cost little to no money but they had my attention and we had a ball! The children kept on saying to me how much they loved being in nature and were taken aback at the beauty of the countryside and all the things it had to offer.

I could see they were genuinely happy and delighted in jumping off rocks into mountains streams and walking along babbling brooks to follow the trails of our magnificent red and blue dragonflies.

It dawned on me in that moment that giving your attention and new experiences to others can be more impactful than a trip to see the latest movie or a burger and milkshake at the local diner.

In a Roasted Nutshell…

Don’t underestimate the power of giving as you will receive it back ten fold! Just keep that flow going and be aware every time you feel you want to decline a gift or gesture — try remember to allow for others to give as well.

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