You May Be Doing Serious Damage to Your Success By Doing This One Thing

Swimming to Success

Getting to That Artichoke Heart

I’ve been actively using the Law of Attraction since I read The Secret (and many other books consequentially) around a decade ago. I’ve had great success with it.

Conquering my limiting beliefs has been a difficult task but a worthwhile one (and I’m still working on them). Scraping away beliefs that don’t serve you is vital on your path to realizing your fullest potential.

If you don’t think you have limiting beliefs, you’re kidding yourself. Even when you think you’ve completely alchemized all your limitations you still find them lurking in the corners disguised as a helpful lampshade or a harmless googly-eyed spider.

A belief is just a flexible agreement at any given time — beliefs can be changed at will and they do not constitute absolute truth. When you can fully get that, you will be well on your way to creating new beliefs that serve you. It will be easier to toss those beliefs that are worn out and don’t make much sense anymore.

The Dirty, Little ‘C’ Word

Now, let me tell you about one of my major realizations — the one thing that prolonged a lot of my success. The belief that I had to control everything. I was an absolute, unequivocal control freak. I needed to be in the drivers seat with every minute detail of everything! I knew it was my greatest downfall but it was so hard to stop.

I know I’m not the only one facing control issues.

Thing is, control is the very thing that can lead you further and further away from your success. It’s a hard pill to swallow because we think that being in control leads to success but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Having control is not a bad thing (as in having discipline) but having to control every little nuance can leave you not only worn out but frustratingly no closer to your desires.

How to Replace Control with the ‘T’ Word

What I’ve learnt on my LOA journey is that you’ve got to have that initial ‘thought’ or ‘desire’, then you’ve got to inject that desire with feeling (i.e. make as if it’s yours NOW), lastly you must take the required action. The latter is where I think I got seriously stuck in control.

Taking action does not mean you must control every aspect of your desire.

Taking effective action means that you do what needs to be done (for example: if your desire is to open an online craft store, you need to physically do what is necessary to get it up and running) and then you’re going to follow those little synchronicities that will bring you the right opportunities and people with the least effort. Read related article: Why Synchronicity Can Change Your Life

If you believe that your business is going to thrive and you can walk around with a heart full of joy because you Trust that the Universe is doing its utmost to bring you more business, you’re going to thrive. You don’t even need to advertise.

I promise you, I’ve spent hundreds on advertising and have got little results. I have also tried the law of least effort and have spent time in nature enjoying myself and doing other things that bring me joy all while telling myself that my online business is getting more and more clients and — voila — that has worked better for me than throwing money at Facebook Ads!

The trouble (or rather the solution) is you really have to mine those limiting beliefs and banish control to bring in more Trust.

Trust that God/the Universe/the Force (or whatever else you want to call it) has your back and you are working with that energy to bring you into a state of joy, abundance and balance. You are perfectly aligned with Source and you are manifesting like a pro!

Flick the switch and give yourself permission to allow that etheric help to flow into your life. Believe that it’s working (just remember if you don’t believe it will work then it won’t — belief is your permission slip to get to where you want).

Let it Go

Trying to control everything is exhausting — do what you can to get yourself ‘out there’ and then relinquish that control. Give it over. Then your only job is to be in joy. Do things that make you uber happy. It’s as simple as that and it’s loads of fun!

When your vibration is high and you are laughing and having fun, you will be in the frequency where magic happens!

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