The Secret Game That Brought My Soul Mate to Me

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The Sleeping Warrior by Cherie Roe Dirksen

Let’s Get the Mushy Stuff Over Quick

My hubby and I just celebrated being married for 21 years on the 8th August. We live and work together from home,  we’re also in a band together (if you’re curious George, you can check out our original music HERE, we call ourselves Templeton Universe) — so we’re literally together 24/7.

People ask us if we ever get sick of each other or fight a lot — absolutely not. We just ‘work’ — two little peas in a satisfied pod.

Before you reach for your vomit bag, let me get to the point…

I’m not trying to rub your nose in our love affair, I just wanted to point out something I recently discovered about why I managed to bag my soul mate so early on in life. I was 15 when we met at school and I was married to him by age 20 (I know I may have seemed young but when you know you just know).

But how did I manage to find love so quickly? Yeah, maybe it’s karma, kismet (read related article: Why Being Weird is Unusually Cool!) or something like that but it also had a hell of a lot to do with the Law of Attraction and being a little girl with her head in the clouds…let me explain:

Fake it to Make it

I was quite an intense child. I had a vivid imagination and a strong will. Every day I would come home from school and usually hop in the pool for about 5 hours (got to love living in Cape Town!) or play with my Barbie and Ken collection.

When I was in the pool I was always with my Cassanova (I was usually a mermaid and he was a heroic sailor or renegade pirate…Aaargh).

My imaginary knight in shining armour was always close by — any decision I made, it was with him at my side. I was a hopeless romantic even at the sprouting age of about 6/7 years old.

My Ken and Barbie play dates were always lovey-dovey encounters and romantic adventures, not surprising as I had my nose forever stuck in fairytales and Disney movies. I just couldn’t wait to be swept off my glass-slippered feet!

Point is, I imagined the jiggery-pokery out of this fictional divine man. I couldn’t wait to grow up and get married. This could have gone terribly wrong, of course, if I just married anyone who was willing but as luck (and the LOA) would have it, I met this Prince Charming and we were a match made in heaven (phew!).

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Make Believe Like Never Before!

However, is my young romance so difficult to believe seeing that I spent most of my wee life injecting real feeling and emotion into this invisible Romeo? Does the Law of Attraction not state that in order to manifest our desire we have to pretend like we already have it?

Most of my childhood was spent pretending and soon Pinnochio became a real boy!

We were obviously excellent little fakers when we were tots and now that we’re all grown up and think we know everything we’ve lost our most important gift — make believe. You’ve got to be off your rocker if you think make believe is just a child’s game — it is very much a REAL game and it’s where all the magic happens.

You don’t have to agree with me, you can believe what you want…but what if?

Belief is just an agreement you’ve made about something so why not invite your inner child out to play some make believe. It could be fun 🙂 — oh, go on!

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CRDCherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

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Cherie posts a new article on CLN every Thursday. To view her articles, click HERE.

This article (The Secret Game That Brought My Soul Mate to Me) was originally written for and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.


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