How to Effectively Slip Into Your Preferred Future

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Don’t you find it annoying when you feel like you’re trying to manifest your butt off and nothing’s happening?

I’ve been doing a lot of research into why certain things show up in our lives and certain things feel like a real schlep to try and create.

Here were my findings:

  1. It’s easy to manifest something you’ve done before. If you’re a pro at say generating opportunity, you’re not going to have too much trouble falling with your derriere in a pile of butter quite regularly. Opportunities will seemingly run at you and you’re going to have to fob some off ’cause you can’t take on the world. This makes you feel great and confident but then you may be scratching your head when it comes to manifesting something else in your life — like love or friendship or the perfect house, etc.
  2. It’s ‘difficult’ to manifest something you think is rare or unbelievable. No matter how much you really, really, really want something — the more WANTING emphasizes the more you are lacking that very thing you are WANTING so bad. Catch 22. Ergo, what you are experiencing NOW (or in the past) is only going to perpetuate because it is what feels more believable to you (even though it is not what you desire). Unfortunately, that is where most of us get stuck.
  3. It’s even more difficult to manifest something you want when you are self-sabotaging your dream. This was my biggie. I only recently realized I was holding wealth at bay because of a limiting belief about tax becoming a nightmare (it seems really silly but it was a real hang up I had). I quickly alchemized it and sifted through the challenge of feeling good about paying my taxes (think of all those smooth roads you drive on or the emergency services at your finger tips). I ran into another block shortly after that: Last time I had a lump sum of money I felt lack (yip, insane right?!) because I didn’t have ‘enough’ for the house I wanted to buy. I was lucky enough to find the right house at the right price consequentially but still carried this false sense that having a lot of money was lacking somehow. Boy, did I alchemize THAT one quickly! Who would have thought that these weird little blocks lurked in the deep recesses of ones psyche? We are strange and complicated wee humus beans, aren’t we? Maybe your block may be that you don’t feel you deserve what you’re trying to create to which I urge you to read Do You Feel Worthless? 2 Reasons Why You Need to Love YOU.
  4. Creating the ‘future’ is actually quite fun. When you get your desire down to something nice and simple and you inject that into a visualization of the timeline you want to slip into, the only thing you actually have to do is pretend the crap out of it. Make believe is something we were pretty good at as children and it’s time to dust off the Superman cape as you don it to engage your super-powers of belief. That ‘future’ dream may not be as tangible as the present moment circumstance but the moment you form the first thought about it, it has become a potential. Your job is to feel into it even though it can’t be seen, touched or sensed yet — you’ve got to think like it’s happened, talk like it’s there and emotionally feel elated that you are such a powerful co-creator of reality! You’ve got to live like NOTHING IS LACKING (read related article: How to Find the Perfectly Balanced YOU Right Now).

Get pretending, folks.

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