Going Deeper into Couch Manifesting — What You Need to Know (Especially no.4!)

Going Deeper into Couch Manifesting

The Law of Least Effort

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my new found delight — couch manifesting. You can recap here: Couch Manifesting: The Only Way to Dream Big!

I’d like to go more deeply into the whole process of what I meant when I said you need to get to a point where it feels real.

I’m going to spare you no details, perhaps to my detriment. Let me warn you in advance — things could get a bit graphic and parental guidance is advised.

Before I begin, I was thinking about writing this article in the wee hours of the morning and — to my surprise — realized I was engaging all my chakras during the couch manifesting process. I thought that was pretty cool. Read related article: What’s Your Chakra Awareness Level? Take This Quick Quiz

Here is my 7 step program:

  1. I sit comfortably. I prefer to have my feet up on a cushion but you can even lie down and do this — the more comfortable and at ease you are, the better! The reason for this is that the first thing I like to do is the mantra: ‘the Universe has my back‘. What better way to get into this than by feeling that you are supported and comfy?
  2. I start to take deep breaths. I do three inhales to the count of five, hold it for five and breathe out for five. I imagine I am breathing in from the top of my head (crown chakra) and this awesome life-giving prana is filling my body with cosmic creative energy. Now I feel relaxed.
  3. I visualize. I clearly see what I would like to manifest in my minds eye (third eye chakra). If it’s a problem that needs solving — I concentrate on how I would like to see it play out or resolve itself. I do a lot of smiling when I see the ‘problem’ turn into a solution. Smiling, laughing or bursts of mirth helps you anchor the joy of having what you want.  If I’m trying to manifest something else, I feel myself in the moment where I have it. I tap into what it feels like to have it and I say, ‘thank you, thank you, thank you!‘(throat chakra engaged!). You may have noticed that I like to do things in 3’s — you do however many repetitions feels right for you.
  4. I spend time in the feeling. This is where I shift my focus into my heart chakra. I feel my heart expand as I see what I want unfold. I then take it one step further and let those feelings pour from my heart into my solar plexus (the stomach area — where the butterflies like to take flight). Here comes the juicy part: I then let those feelings spill into my 2nd chakra (the sacral chakra — seat of sexuality and creativity). Now I start blissing out big time and even go into an orgasmic state — every fiber in my being is shifting into ecstasy (this Universe works on cosmic, sexual energy so you’d better start getting used to it! Who’s complaining, right?). Orgasm is the closest I’ve ever been to God — so, it should surely work when you’re trying to create a glorious reality (Read related article: The Science of Stress, Orgasm and Wellbeing).
  5. I feel it in my butt. Wet, Wet, Wet felt in in their fingers and in their toes — well, I feel it lastly in my derriere. I couldn’t possibly leave out the root chakra in all this manifesting. The energy of feeling the reality of your focus in the NOW moment leaves me with a tingling tush.
  6. I bring it in and boogie. All these steps may sound a bit complicated — they really aren’t. You don’t have to worry too much about how much you do or don’t feel it in your chakras, buttocks or anywhere else for that matter. Getting into the space where you feel your manifestation all fleshed out differs for each individual. I think the most important thing to focus on is a kind of ‘WOOHOO‘ feeling. When I successfully feel into that future and it feels 100% real to me, I want to sing Song 2 by Blur. That ‘woohoo’ is my final anchoring of this splendiforous reality I’ve just created and feels like a super big, ‘YES!’ to the Universe.
  7. ‘All is well’. I like to end of my couch tripping with this affirmation, it always just feels right 🙂

Get your Blur on!

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