Quirky New Designs: Putting Pets to Good Use

Kitty Header.JPG

Fur and Feathers

My hubby and I recently adopted a new kitty, Tilly. She had 24 hours before she was going to be put down (yikes!).

We never looked back.

She’s adorable, playful and just a breath of fresh (albeit energetic) air. She looks like she could be our other cats (Purdy) sister as they are both tortoiseshells. Adorbs!!! I find a wealth of inspiration watching these two interact.

Then there are our wild birds…we live out in the sticks of the klein Karoo, South Africa, and we have Cat Christmas Card 1a huge garden full of flocks of different birds demanding feeding morning and night.

We love animals and the great outdoors, so this is all just peachy keen for us. But tuna and sunflower seeds don’t come cheap…

I recently acquired a tablet (with digipen) for my birthday and have come up with some funky designs. I’ve just launched some fabulous products (just in time for some early Christmas shopping too! lol). Let me start off by showing you my Cat Christmas Cards (to the right and below)…Cat Xmas Card


I had great fun designing these, as you can imagine.

I’ve got loads of other super products with both these designs (you can browse for yourself HERE and HERE).

What’s your favourite product? I’ve got to go for the coffee mugs, I think those look great 🙂

I’m also partial to the tote bags — imagine doing your last minute Christmas shopping sporting one of those on your arm.

Here are some of my favourite picks for Christmas 2017. The items below make for great stocking fillers and are priced to suit every pocket:

Bird cushions

Bird Design

And, this is one was SUCH FUN to design 🙂 — I call it ‘Balancing Act’:

Balancing Act



My collection is growing every day as I’m having a ball designing these images and bringing them to life by adding them to products. Below are a taste of some of the other designs I have at my RedBubble store that were inspired by my feathered and furry family:



Thanks for looking and sharing! 🙂 I’d welcome any feedback on these designs.

3 thoughts on “Quirky New Designs: Putting Pets to Good Use

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