Find Out How to Tune Into Your Personal Higher Vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration

Meditate or Bust

The penny dropped for me during this last week. I’ve taken to practicing 10 minute meditations every morning, even my hubby joins me and we do a focused joint intention.

After 2 weeks of doing the same thing, I noticed that the meditation was getting a bit stale — like running over the same old ground. We were visualizing our common goal and what it would be like to have it, etc. and we were both getting a bit bored.

I then entered the meditation with no ‘goal’ or ‘affirmation’ and something said to me, ‘You Are the Universe‘. Simple, hey? You bet!

The ‘voice’ was right. I expanded my consciousness out into the dark void of this Universe in my third eye and everything was just amazing. Perfect. How it should be.

I felt connected to Source.

Well, I’m sure a lot of you are thinking ‘duh, that’s what meditation is supposed to be‘ and you are, of course, right! It’s so simple but, hey, I’m human and I tend to complicate things. I think we all do at times. Thing is, being alive is supposed to be uncomplicated and abundant and joyful and and and….

High-Riding Vibes

When you’ve asked for something, in my understanding, it goes into your cache. Your asking is over. No need to ask anymore — it’s there.

What you have to do is raise your vibration to meet the expected thing you’ve asked for. You’re not going to be rich by placing the thought for ‘more money‘ into your bag and then feeling lack of said money. The money is yours, your job is to discontinue to ask for it but to elevate your frequency to the level of receiving it. We tend to just keep ‘asking’ and never focus on the ‘receiving’. Am I right or am I right?


We’re all good at the asking part of the Law of Attraction but most of us pretty much suck at receiving. Why? Cause we’re programmed — as a society — to be chasing, working hard and running ourselves into the ground for what we want.


You don’t need to do any of that. Your new job is to take up meditation on a daily basis and just feel pure joy.

When you tap into Source energy, you ARE abundant, you HAVE absolutely everything because you are the Universe! Easier said than done? No, not really.

Meditation, like everything, needs practice. Don’t give up even if you’ve got a monkey mind. Concentrate on your breathing (or, just read this article: Meditation For People Who Don’t Meditate (A Simple Guide)). When you can get to the state where your mind is still, focus on something easy like tobogganing or hang-gliding or whatever else floats your boat.

The key to this is: everyone is different and no ‘one meditation/mantra‘ will fit all.

If the violet flame doesn’t feel right, don’t try to picture it. If calling on angels has no meaning for you, don’t let it ruffle your feathers. If picturing yourself in a cave full of treasure seems ridiculous, don’t be a pirate. If you ‘aint feeling the rainbow aura, you may not be a unicorn. Don’t force a square into a round.

Put a Smile on Your Dial

You’ve got to figure out what does put a smile on your face. Think of the Harry Potter series. When Harry had to conjure a patronus (spell) he had to think of the most amazing experience of his life. This is what your homework is. You’ve got to find that one thing that speaks to YOU.

Let me give you my example and maybe you can better understand what I’m going on about:

In my last meditation I imagined myself swimming in a stream and going with the flow. I like to swim and the feel of water all around me, so this already put me at ease. I pictured myself diving off waterfalls and being swept away to different pools and going down natural slides. It was great fun and I felt pretty good. Then I got washed up on a shore of smooth gemstones and crystals. I lay there and my body literally shuddered. My vibes were taken up a notch. I then went and sat on a throne of quartz crystal in the shade of some beautiful tropical plants and, again, another shudder of good vibes was sent through my body.

This really made me feel good throughout the day and it was only a 10 minute meditation. Tailor make yours to fit in with your likes and don’t try to squeeze into someone else’s version of meditation. Other peoples meditations can be great and I’ve used quite a few but I have to admit — now that I’ve taken the training wheels off — my own imagination is the bomb!

Raising your frequency will allow more wonderful things to come to you. After I did this meditation a whole heap of unexpected cool things happened in my life within the following 48 hours.

Don’t forget to not hold any rigid attachment to how you want things to work out, just let the Universe take care of your wealth and abundance the way it should be. Your job is to have fun and enjoy the ride!

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