How to Communicate Instantly with Your Higher Self for Speedy Manifesting

Manifesting with Your Higher Self

Mind-Blasting Stuff

I’m going to try and make this as straight forward as possible. Lately I’ve been playing with the idea that we’re in a construct reality or a ‘matrix’.

It’s been an astonishing revelation as synchronicities and instant messages have come pouring through the cracks.

I’ve always had a great deal of ‘bread crumbs’ from the unseen realm since I began my journey but when I got the proof that I asked for that we are living in a slightly different ‘reality’ (or should I say illusion) than I expected, these memo’s from what I like to call Head Quarters — or ‘HQ’ for short (aka your higher self) — came in thick and fast.

Just for example: I was reading from a book — and had just happened to ask HQ a question — when the radio talk show I was listening to started speaking the very words out of the book I was reading. Mind = blown. It had answered my question perfectly.

Stranger Things…

Once you get your head around the matrix stuff, it’s actually quite liberating. It means you ‘exit’ the autopilot form of plodding along in ‘reality/illusion’ and YOU get to call the shots — or rewrite the program. Something akin to lucid dreaming in the ‘real’ world.

So, how do you do this?

It couldn’t be easier!

I can only speak from my personal experience (obviously) and what I do is literally have a conversation with HQ. You can ask for xyz and wait patiently for your bread crumbs to appear. In some cases, the whole loaf will plop into your lap buttered and all.

I’ve tried it, tested it, prodded the technique and have had some startlingly speedy results.

Don’t forget that the analogy for your HQ or higher self is that ‘it’ is on top of a skyscraper looking down on all the avenues of possibility, you (in corporeal experience) are on the ground level looking dead-ahead. If you want to know the quickest route to a specific destination — check in with the control tower (HQ).

The most important things to remember are:

  1. Get clear about what you truly want.
  2. Get yourself a pendulum (Pendulums 101 – What, How, Where and Why) so you can get a quick no/yes/maybe answer.
  3. I use my pendulum (dowsing is you communing with HQ or your higher self) to check that what I want is something in alignment with what HQ wants (remember: you are here with a ‘blueprint’ or ‘mission’ so if what you’re trying to acquire is not congruent with that assignment, you’re going to hit a wall). Most of the time, I am in alignment with my pre-chosen path. However, I have occasionally experienced straying off the yellow brick road to pursue something that looks shiny and wonderful that’s turned out to be a dead-end pursuit — shit happens, but you can easily avoid these pit-falls if you trust your innate wisdom or just completely trust that the Universe has your back (or dowse for the answer).
  4. SUBSCRIBE icon 1If you do ‘want’ something that is not in alignment with HQ, let it go. You haven’t got time to waste on going in circles and it’s probably something your ego is holding onto. If you detach, you will re-enter the cosmic slipstream — remember that when you want to cling onto outworn dreams.
  5. The last but not least thing is — drum-roll — you have to believe 100% that HQ is there and listening. Sorry, but there’s nothing that kills your communique than doubt. If you doubt, then your wish is granted and you’ll get something to doubt about (I’m a poet and I sure know it). It sucks but that’s how it is and you’ll soon get the hang of it. I was teetering on being somewhere between 75%-80% believing that we are in a matrix/construct program — then, through a series of personal revelations — I went sailing to 100% believability That’s when things REALLY changed for me — instant manifestation 101!!! Just remember to check in at no.1 again. Be sure of what you want, it’s kind of important.
  6. If you doubt, ask for confirmation. That’s how I got to 100% believability. Prepare yourself for a deep rabbit-hole, red-pill experience — it’s trippy stuff.

Happy manifesting!

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CRDCherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

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This article (How to Communicate Instantly with Your Higher Self for Speedy Manifesting) was originally written for and published byConscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen


4 thoughts on “How to Communicate Instantly with Your Higher Self for Speedy Manifesting

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  3. I totally believe and ask for help all the time with no result. After many years and deaths and lots of suffering, i don’t think higher self really cares enough. I’ve become sick of all the phrases spiritual people say about abundance and life. None if it has been helpful and when really suffering, i felt totally isolated by naive people so ignorant to so much and who actually showed a lack of compassion.


    • Hi Neetu, I feel your disappointment and there is a way out of this. I know what it feels like to experience this level of pain (I experienced losing more than half of my immediate family very early in life – I dislike using the word ‘lost’ because I still actually feel them around me when I think of them). My pain made me question everything. When I started to learn about the Law of Attraction (which is just another ‘program’ in this illusion or waking dream we call reality), it took me over 10 years to get to a place where I ‘got it’ (and I’m still learning). I was obviously a slow learner…lol. This isn’t the norm for many – some get it quicker and some slower, it’s not a competition. If anything is putting you into a lower vibration (and by reading your comment, I’m afraid it looks like that’s where you are – some words that sprang out at me were ‘death’, ‘suffering’, ‘isolated’, ‘naive’, ‘ignorant’, etc), you’re going to need to address that. By no means am I picking on you nor should you judge yourself for this – I am merely pointing out that there is a paradox in what you are trying to create and what you are putting out there through words and emotions. I know it’s hard to think ‘happy thoughts’ when you are feeling low but the first thing you need to address is raising your vibration. The quickest way I find to do this is by following your bliss. What this means is doing things that feel good. This doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with ‘purpose’ (purpose is a very woolly subject for me currently as I don’t really believe we have a purpose – it keeps us chasing our own tail – the only purpose I can see is to be in joy and love) – no, this means to literally start having fun from this moment on. Following your bliss or excitement is done in every NOW moment. If you feel like taking a nap – follow that excitement. If you feel like making a delicious sandwich – follow that excitement. If you feel like taking a walk in the forest – follow that excitement. If you feel like dancing…you get the picture. If you’re doing things you ‘have to do’ (as in be in a job you hate or clean the toilet or whatever), do it with flare. Find a way to extract some joy in it. Even if it’s humming or dancing while you clean or trying to pick out the good traits of a colleague or feeling grateful that at least you have a job – they are all starting places. Gratitude and following your excitement are ways of life and not a quick fix – although it can transform your life and perspective very quickly. The world is not going to change, it’s how you see the world that will change. Perspective is everything and you have the power to change your perspective in every moment. This exercise (following your excitement/bliss/joy) is to get you to be in a place that feels better than feeling low. When you keep re-aligning yourself to make great choices that put a smile on your face – you should start to encounter those synchronicities I spoke of (if you want to read more about synchronicity, read this: And just remember, your higher self is you – it’s all one and the same. If it feels like your HS isn’t there for you, it is an illusion that is keeping you separated. You’ve got to weed out why the communication is not happening because the only one who can block it is you. A place to start looking is any self worth/self love issues you may have – maybe you feel you don’t deserve such help, or maybe you feel guilty about being happy when you’ve experienced so much suffering (just remember both are illusions – you are part of the Oneness and just by existing you are worthy all the rest is bullshit programming we’ve allowed to be dumped on our doorstep). I hope this helps you, Neetu. If you haven’t listened to the Abraham teachings (Jerry and Esther Hicks) I strongly suggest you do – they can be found on YouTube.

      Best wishes,


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