4 Programs That Lead to Blocked Abundance — How Many Are You Running?

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Even the most dedicated Law of Attraction students run into walls that seem insurmountable. There are programs that lurk in the darkest recesses that need cache clearing. Holding onto these ‘junk’ programs will only constipate the flow of positive energy into your life.

Here are, what I like to call, the SHIT programs:

  • S — ‘S’ is for ‘shit happens‘ (a common but deadly troublesome software program) and the belief that life isn’t fair. The rich get richer and the poor suffer. Read related article: The Key to Success That May Surprise You (It Surprised Me!)
  • H — ‘H’ is for ‘humility’…or in this case misplaced humility. This kind of humility blocks us in receiving because it thinks it’s rude or embarrassing to receive help or, God forbid, to ask for it. This form of humility must decline such perceived ‘charity’ or ‘pity’. A program with lonely and bleak consequences.
  • I — ‘I’ is for ‘I’m not worthy’. This is the virus of the system and it’s total bollocks (an anagram of ‘ol blocks).
  • T — ‘T’ is for ‘try’. Yoda had it right, folks. To try is a woolly verb that really just implies more ‘trying’. Try, for me, is getting on a merry-go-round and expecting to go somewhere. Trying is the firewall program that blocks out actual DOING. It’s the ‘I might Be’ equivalent of the ‘I AM’ statement.

Right, so that spells out ‘SHIT’ (I’m always trying to justify my impish need to swear in respectable articles). Now let’s turn this around, shall we? Let’s delve into some deep S.H.I.T.

  • ‘S’ could rather stand for ‘satisfaction‘ (perhaps the Stones were running the ‘Shit Happens’ program when they wrote that they couldn’t get any?). Let’s turn ‘life isn’t fair’ into the reality of the program which is: Life is. It just is — you assign it meaning. So, why not see it as completely stupendous? Run the program that life is so stunningly satisfying that every corner you take there’s something there to make it even MORE satisfactory. Isn’t it just an awesome energy to be in — that of utter contentment and fulfillment? Don’t take my word for it, give it a bash and see if it works better than the ‘shit happens’ program.
  • ‘H’ could rather be used for ‘Hallelujah!’ — kick the hampering kind of humility to the curb! If you’re in a pickle and someone can help you (and preferably if the help is genuine and heart-based) let them! When you deny the energy of accepting you deny the other person the gift of giving. You’ll have your chance to pay it forward when the energy is right, so, accept graciously and stop blocking the abundance energy from flowing into and out through you. Read related article: How to Put the “Believe” in “Ask, Believe, Receive!”
  • ‘I’ can be tweaked just a tad to ‘I am worthy‘ — ’cause let’s face it, everybody is! You’re all divine little sausages (even the vegetarians! Yes, you too are meat encased in skin whether you like it or not). Embrace your divinity (I actually wrote a book about this called, Divine You which really goes into why I think you’re God). You are SO worthy because you are SO God, God is in You (even the religious can’t deny it if God is truly omnipotent)!
  • ‘T’ can translate to ‘transform‘ rather than try. You can change tracks any timeSUBSCRIBE icon 1 you like by taking the reigns of your God-given sovereignty and stepping into empowered responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Being resolute is the new sexy.

I can safely say that this has been an undeniably S.H.I.T. article.

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