Why You Should Ask Only Once

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During a daily ‘quickie’ meditation me and my hubby do, Mike turns to me and asks, ‘Why do we keep on asking for the same thing — surely that shows you don’t trust the process?

I tried to defend the situation by saying that repetition and affirmation anchor a desire. Then I thought about what my wise partner had said. He was, of course, right.

Esther Hicks (who channels ‘Abraham’) even said that when you ask it is always given — a cache exists in the ether of things waiting to match your vibration so you can claim them.

We have now changed how we do things and ask only once and then, in our daily meditation, give thanks for having it and feel into that timeline.

What does that mean though?

It simply means that you only need to ask once and it is given. It is then your job to raise your vibration and sort out those limiting beliefs that keep you from your desire so that you can meet that dream/goal.

That sounds like a right trough of gobbledygook, doesn’t it? We hear about limiting beliefs and raising your vibration but how exactly do you do that?

The Easiest Solution to Life and the Universe

You, in the revolutionary words of Bashar, follow your highest excitement — which means that you live every second of every day in joy and following a path of least resistance to what is. Read related articleMaking Peace With the Chaos in Your Life

Ergo, if you need to go to the toilet — enjoy that experience. Be grateful for the toilet and the toilet tissue that you can gently caress your derriere with afterwards. If you feel you need to take a nap — do so with gratitude for your nice, warm bed and relish in the peace that comes with sleep. If you need to make a sandwich — make the best sarnie you can and give thanks for the food in your pantry.

Gratitude is a fierce force for raising your vibration. Following your passion and joy boosts your happiness levels. Do both and you’ll be whiz-banging all the way.

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What about the moments that aren’t so pleasant? Say for instance: Paying the bills, going to work, cleaning the soap scum in the shower type-stuff?

Why do you believe that these things can be anything but pleasant?

  • If you can pay your bills then you are lucky! Give gratitude for the money you have and the service you are paying for. If you don’t have money, trust that everything will come to you as it should —not a moment too soon or too late. I’ve been doing this lately and it works a treat. At first, it’s harrowing but as you see the fluidity of how the universe works, you’ll start to Trust more.
  • If you don’t like your job, put out an intention to work somewhere more pleasant and then do your job to the best of SUBSCRIBE icon 1your ability — see if you can pick out the positive traits in the work you do. It might be a pleasant colleague or a great coffee machine. Start small and build it up even if the only positive thing you can glean is that you get paid for your services — then be grateful for that.
  • Make cleaning a game, put on some music and scrub to the beat. Be grateful that you have a shower. There are people out there who have to wash from a bucket.

These small things like giving thanks for food and having a warm bed, etc are stepping stones to raising your vibration.

If you liked this article, you may consider starting a gratitude journal. Every day write something you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. You’ll see your life start to change when you focus on the positive!

Get your gratitude journal today (click on this link or the picture below) for yourself or for someone you know who’s starting out on a self-empowerment path and could use a bit of motivation!


These gratitude journals can be purchased lined or blank (depending on whether you prefer drawing what you’re grateful for or writing it). They are 13.2cm x 18.6cm – a handy pocket-sized journal!

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4 Programs That Lead to Blocked Abundance — How Many Are You Running?

Shit Header

The Ultimate Enema

Even the most dedicated Law of Attraction students run into walls that seem insurmountable. There are programs that lurk in the darkest recesses that need cache clearing. Holding onto these ‘junk’ programs will only constipate the flow of positive energy into your life.

Here are, what I like to call, the SHIT programs:

  • S — ‘S’ is for ‘shit happens‘ (a common but deadly troublesome software program) and the belief that life isn’t fair. The rich get richer and the poor suffer. Read related article: The Key to Success That May Surprise You (It Surprised Me!)
  • H — ‘H’ is for ‘humility’…or in this case misplaced humility. This kind of humility blocks us in receiving because it thinks it’s rude or embarrassing to receive help or, God forbid, to ask for it. This form of humility must decline such perceived ‘charity’ or ‘pity’. A program with lonely and bleak consequences.
  • I — ‘I’ is for ‘I’m not worthy’. This is the virus of the system and it’s total bollocks (an anagram of ‘ol blocks).
  • T — ‘T’ is for ‘try’. Yoda had it right, folks. To try is a woolly verb that really just implies more ‘trying’. Try, for me, is getting on a merry-go-round and expecting to go somewhere. Trying is the firewall program that blocks out actual DOING. It’s the ‘I might Be’ equivalent of the ‘I AM’ statement.

Right, so that spells out ‘SHIT’ (I’m always trying to justify my impish need to swear in respectable articles). Now let’s turn this around, shall we? Let’s delve into some deep S.H.I.T.

  • ‘S’ could rather stand for ‘satisfaction‘ (perhaps the Stones were running the ‘Shit Happens’ program when they wrote that they couldn’t get any?). Let’s turn ‘life isn’t fair’ into the reality of the program which is: Life is. It just is — you assign it meaning. So, why not see it as completely stupendous? Run the program that life is so stunningly satisfying that every corner you take there’s something there to make it even MORE satisfactory. Isn’t it just an awesome energy to be in — that of utter contentment and fulfillment? Don’t take my word for it, give it a bash and see if it works better than the ‘shit happens’ program.
  • ‘H’ could rather be used for ‘Hallelujah!’ — kick the hampering kind of humility to the curb! If you’re in a pickle and someone can help you (and preferably if the help is genuine and heart-based) let them! When you deny the energy of accepting you deny the other person the gift of giving. You’ll have your chance to pay it forward when the energy is right, so, accept graciously and stop blocking the abundance energy from flowing into and out through you. Read related article: How to Put the “Believe” in “Ask, Believe, Receive!”
  • ‘I’ can be tweaked just a tad to ‘I am worthy‘ — ’cause let’s face it, everybody is! You’re all divine little sausages (even the vegetarians! Yes, you too are meat encased in skin whether you like it or not). Embrace your divinity (I actually wrote a book about this called, Divine You which really goes into why I think you’re God). You are SO worthy because you are SO God, God is in You (even the religious can’t deny it if God is truly omnipotent)!
  • ‘T’ can translate to ‘transform‘ rather than try. You can change tracks any timeSUBSCRIBE icon 1 you like by taking the reigns of your God-given sovereignty and stepping into empowered responsibility for your thoughts and actions. Being resolute is the new sexy.

I can safely say that this has been an undeniably S.H.I.T. article.

If you liked this article, you may consider starting a gratitude journal. Every day write something you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. You’ll see your life start to change when you focus on the positive!

Get your gratitude journal today (click on this link or the picture below) for yourself or for someone you know who’s starting out on a self-empowerment path and could use a bit of motivation!


These gratitude journals can be purchased lined or blank (depending on whether you prefer drawing what you’re grateful for or writing it). They are 13.2cm x 18.6cm – a handy pocket-sized journal!

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The Dummies Guide to Awakening

Originally posted on LIGHTWORKERS WORLD by Cherie Roe Dirksen

We are living in chaotic and tumultuous times.  We have a plethora of information pumped out at us from every channel, be it media, religion, government or our social groups.

You must be this, act like that, live like us — you know the story but you are feeling overwhelmed and a definite sense of lack.  That pit in your stomach that tells you something is not quite right.

The truth is that when you filter through all this garbage and sift out the gems, you are.

Hey!  You left that sentence hanging — you can’t do that!

Yes, I can and I did it for a good reason.  You just are — the ‘I am that I am’, nothing more, nothing less.  Everything else that is external and trying to tug at your attention is a mere distraction to the call that comes from within.

That feeling of

  • being alone in the world
  • not being understood
  • not even understanding yourself
  • feeling depressed
  • emotional swings
  • always struggling to be happy
  • or to have enough
  • the need to be recognized or acknowledged
  • the fear of not being good enough

Do these attributes sound familiar?

Welcome to Planet Earth, the Galaxies no.1 Classroom for Misfits and Lost Souls!

What is worrisome is that the medical profession starts to label all these conditions and you are now marked as ‘chronically depressed’, ‘ADHD’ or ‘bi-polar’ (yeah, aren’t we all!  This is the realm of duality), the list goes on.  Then the medicating starts and what is treated is suppressed and the little emotion we have left is dulled-down to a drip.

Does Medicine Come Cheap?

It should but alas it doesn’t, especially not if you are in the business of making money from illness.  If the drug corporations and governments truly had people’s welfare at heart, medicine and healing practices would not literally have to cost you and arm or a leg.

Keep ‘em Sick

The more illnesses recognized by the profession the better — the more money to be made.  Have you ever looked at the contra-indications of medicine?  It’s a laugh!  And it’s all ‘legal’.  I especially love how most medication warns that this may result in death — no shit, Sherlock!

Be careful of labels when the condition is emotional.  Ply it with drugs if you want to sweep things under the rug, maybe we’ll see you back here in another life to work it out, or maybe you can deal with it today.

I’m not suggesting you throw away all your pills right now.  Just look into what you really need and what can be replaced with a good eating and exercise plan (never mind a good ‘thought’ plan).

Modern medicine has given us value, a bridge from illness to wellness in many cases.  However, sometimes the training wheels need to come off so we can realize our fullest potential.  To continuously take drugs is not going to do your body any long-term good.  Use medication sparingly, if at all.I’m not suggesting you throw away all your pills right now.  

The Real Good News

The upshot of all this is that there is a non-expensive cure to any disease, mental or physical.  It’s called AWARENESS.

Awareness or enlightenment doesn’t automatically conjure up a cloud for you to float on and dictate gospels to your scribe.  You are still going to have the odd bout of anxiety, depression or ailment — the difference is you are going to be able to identify it immediately and start to work on the remedy instead of having a pity party and feel helpless.

You Are in the Driver’s Seat!

You are always in control of your life circumstance.  You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, you are a soul having a corporeal experience.  You are a master of matter, you have just forgotten.

The world is experiencing what the spiritually inclined would call a consciousness shift and what science would refer to as evolution of species.

We are being upgraded, if you like.  Humanity have been sleeping sheep for centuries (no wonder we count sheep in order to fall asleep) and the time is ripe to WAKE UP!  Can you hear the galaxies alarm clock going off?

The alarm has been going off for quite some time now, unfortunately some have continuously hit the snooze button.  Fret not, the galaxy is readying a pale of ice-cold water and is swirling the bucket as we speak — best to wake up now rather than wake up cold, wet and in shock.

What Can I Do to Fix Myself?

Oh, thank heavens!  I thought you’d never ask.  The answer is simple:  Remember.

To remember means to re-member — to become a part of the whole again.

More specifically, you need to remember that:

  • You have a spark of the divine that lives within your sacred temple  you refer to as your body — treat your body with reverence and respect
  • You are in control of your destiny and not a victim of your fate
  • You came here to experience the great shift of consciousness and to be a part of it
  • You are not only whole but a part of the whole, see the divine en-masse — in your brothers and sisters all over the world
  • Fear is an illusion meant to suppress and contain
  • You were never meant to be contained or suppressed
  • You can rise above any limitations
  • If God is omnipresent, then you are also a part of God (this is especially for those of you who have been or are indoctrinated)
  • Your planet is also a part of God and she holds the cure to any ailment in lost traditions — look to plants and natural, wholesome foods to cure your sick bodies
  • Your thoughts and intent dictate the unfolding of your life — this is why positive thinking, prayer, meditation and affirmations are potent and can also heal many aspects of your life — body and soul
  • Love is the only way forward — it is going to mend the past, present and the future

Break free of your limiting beliefs and join the uprising of the soul — become a part of Awakened Humanity.

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Welcome to my Wonderland!

I chose a Wonderland theme for my site because I feel like I am skipping down that proverbial ‘Rabbit Hole’ —  I want to take as many people down with me…that sounds rather ambiguous now, doesn’t it?

If you are new here or would like a recap on who I am and what I’m about, I have a new ‘bite-sized’ tour of the site — just let your mouse take a nibble on the cupcake on your left….you will be magically and instantly resized and sent through the internet cable to a page of intrigue, wonder and teapots?

Why Choose Wonderland?

I have been going through copious amounts of re-thinking who I am (haven’t we all?!) and I realized that I am so many things.

I could be described as a practical, level-headed, ‘left brained’ girl (just like our fictional Alice) and on top of it — I am a Virgo (renowned for their pinickity-ness, preciseness and critique — again, another one of Alice’s traits).

Well, I found all these similarities to Alice quite amusing but….

Down The Rabbit Hole

There is a whole other side of me that is revved for creativity, ‘right-brained’ and an incurable dreamer — not to mention a complete nutter too, yup, quite barking mad!

So, in truth, I really cannot be labeled.  But should anyone really you be put into a box?

We are all multi-dimensional, multi-layered, magical beings who can be anything and everything we want to be — at any given time — with the privilege to change our minds at the drop of a (mad-hatters) hat!  It’s called ‘divine birthright’.

One of my favourite sayings from the new Tim Burton production of  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is this:

Mad Hatter:  “Have I gone mad?”

Alice:   “Completely bonkers. But let me tell you a secret: All the best people are.”

Nicely said!  I think most people are completely bonkers when you get down to brass tacks, we’re just afraid to show it.

Well, not anymore — I simply won’t have it and it won’t do if we are to co-create an interesting new world.  I mean, honestly — have you ever seen a sane mad scientist?  We need rocket scientists (’cause let’s face it, most of us want to traverse the universe at some point in our lives and perhaps throw in a little time traveling too), so needless to say, we need to be off our rockers?  Make sense?  I hope not!

Let your naked, unadulterated whackiness shine through and together we can pierce this veil of delusion, or disillusion, whichever you prefer.

If you think that you are 100% sane, well then bully for you!  Maybe it’s time to change the channel…

Fantasia and Prince Charming — How Wonderland Began

I have lived in a fantasy world most of my life.  When I was young, I would dream of my Prince Charming (the hopeless romantic I was!), then I met and married him.

I dreamed of staying in a little cottage in the woods and I live there now (minus the woods…but there are a few trees…and mountains…and a stream — so that counts!).

I could go on forever but I don’t want to bore you, the point is this:

What you think about…you create!  Ergo, you are in a position to create your own Wonderland — how fantastic is that?!?

Reality vs Wonderland

I wrote a small sub-chapter in my book, Divine You, that went something like this:

“When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she left her perceived reality behind, and stumbled upon a parallel world with many characters showing her their version of reality in a seemingly bizarre world.  When we fall down this rabbit hole metaphor we begin to see our reality as quite bizarre too — we are living in a world of infinite possibility.”

We can either take responsibility for our lives by actively participating in its desired fruition or we can leave it to chance, experiencing a reality that we feel we have no control over.

Either version of these 2 realities is just your perception of it, so why not choose one that sees you manifest the life of your dreams as opposed to succumbing to a path that leads to your fate?

What Needs Addressing

I want to explore concepts such as:

  • Co-creating Solutions — I think humanity needs creative solutions for changing belief structures and helping each other cross this bridge from an old reality to a new and wonderful co-created paradigm.
  • Reclaiming Your Power — We are in the process of reclaiming our divine power and literally dreaming up our own reality — we are powerful and innovative creators who have pure and unlimited, but all to often, unrealized potential.
  • Having a Ball! — We need to bloody-well enjoy ourselves in this awakening process.  Enough serious, long faces already!.  We are limitless possibility living in an ever-expanding universe — let’s use our God-given gifts and paint this canvas of life red, blue, yellow, green, purple with white polka-dots and any other colour you wish to dream up.

I would like to help you bridge the gap between what you may think of as 3D reality to a world where you are this powerful and responsible creator of your own experiences.

What Have You Got To Lose?

It may not be easy, it may not be quick, your ego may die-hard (possible kicking and screaming as it is brought down) but it could also be the biggest transformative experience of your life and isn’t that what this is all about?

Could it not be that you came to this Earth, at this very auspicious time, to live to your fullest potential and be the very change that you want to see in the world?

It’s your call.  However — nothing ventured, nothing gained and remember, we are going to have fun doing this — enlightenment is not all about fasting, chanting and beating yourself over the head for being a dumb-ass.

What You Will Find at This Site

I want to keep you updated on:

  • Exploring and Practicing New Concepts and Ideas
  • Helping you to Create your Spiciest Version of Reality
  • Pushing Boundaries and Conquering Limiting Beliefs
  • Auditory Inspiration
  • Visual Inspiration
  • Empowering Articles

This site reflects my version of reality or ‘Wonderland’ but I will be over-the-moon if it helps and inspires you to create your own dream-scape world.  What you end up with is entirely up to you — you bold and dashing co-creator you!

So roll up your sleeves and come on a journey with me as we venture into the unknown pure potential of this new and exciting concept.

And if you haven’t signed up to become a member, you can do so HERE (it’s 100% free and you get a great inspirational GIFT BUNDLE too along with a monthly newsletter so you’ll always be in the loop)

If you haven’t taken the site tour yet, then you can do that HERE.