Welcome to my Wonderland!

I chose a Wonderland theme for my site because I feel like I am skipping down that proverbial ‘Rabbit Hole’ —  I want to take as many people down with me…that sounds rather ambiguous now, doesn’t it?

If you are new here or would like a recap on who I am and what I’m about, I have a new ‘bite-sized’ tour of the site — just let your mouse take a nibble on the cupcake on your left….you will be magically and instantly resized and sent through the internet cable to a page of intrigue, wonder and teapots?

Why Choose Wonderland?

I have been going through copious amounts of re-thinking who I am (haven’t we all?!) and I realized that I am so many things.

I could be described as a practical, level-headed, ‘left brained’ girl (just like our fictional Alice) and on top of it — I am a Virgo (renowned for their pinickity-ness, preciseness and critique — again, another one of Alice’s traits).

Well, I found all these similarities to Alice quite amusing but….

Down The Rabbit Hole

There is a whole other side of me that is revved for creativity, ‘right-brained’ and an incurable dreamer — not to mention a complete nutter too, yup, quite barking mad!

So, in truth, I really cannot be labeled.  But should anyone really you be put into a box?

We are all multi-dimensional, multi-layered, magical beings who can be anything and everything we want to be — at any given time — with the privilege to change our minds at the drop of a (mad-hatters) hat!  It’s called ‘divine birthright’.

One of my favourite sayings from the new Tim Burton production of  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is this:

Mad Hatter:  “Have I gone mad?”

Alice:   “Completely bonkers. But let me tell you a secret: All the best people are.”

Nicely said!  I think most people are completely bonkers when you get down to brass tacks, we’re just afraid to show it.

Well, not anymore — I simply won’t have it and it won’t do if we are to co-create an interesting new world.  I mean, honestly — have you ever seen a sane mad scientist?  We need rocket scientists (’cause let’s face it, most of us want to traverse the universe at some point in our lives and perhaps throw in a little time traveling too), so needless to say, we need to be off our rockers?  Make sense?  I hope not!

Let your naked, unadulterated whackiness shine through and together we can pierce this veil of delusion, or disillusion, whichever you prefer.

If you think that you are 100% sane, well then bully for you!  Maybe it’s time to change the channel…

Fantasia and Prince Charming — How Wonderland Began

I have lived in a fantasy world most of my life.  When I was young, I would dream of my Prince Charming (the hopeless romantic I was!), then I met and married him.

I dreamed of staying in a little cottage in the woods and I live there now (minus the woods…but there are a few trees…and mountains…and a stream — so that counts!).

I could go on forever but I don’t want to bore you, the point is this:

What you think about…you create!  Ergo, you are in a position to create your own Wonderland — how fantastic is that?!?

Reality vs Wonderland

I wrote a small sub-chapter in my book, Divine You, that went something like this:

“When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she left her perceived reality behind, and stumbled upon a parallel world with many characters showing her their version of reality in a seemingly bizarre world.  When we fall down this rabbit hole metaphor we begin to see our reality as quite bizarre too — we are living in a world of infinite possibility.”

We can either take responsibility for our lives by actively participating in its desired fruition or we can leave it to chance, experiencing a reality that we feel we have no control over.

Either version of these 2 realities is just your perception of it, so why not choose one that sees you manifest the life of your dreams as opposed to succumbing to a path that leads to your fate?

What Needs Addressing

I want to explore concepts such as:

  • Co-creating Solutions — I think humanity needs creative solutions for changing belief structures and helping each other cross this bridge from an old reality to a new and wonderful co-created paradigm.
  • Reclaiming Your Power — We are in the process of reclaiming our divine power and literally dreaming up our own reality — we are powerful and innovative creators who have pure and unlimited, but all to often, unrealized potential.
  • Having a Ball! — We need to bloody-well enjoy ourselves in this awakening process.  Enough serious, long faces already!.  We are limitless possibility living in an ever-expanding universe — let’s use our God-given gifts and paint this canvas of life red, blue, yellow, green, purple with white polka-dots and any other colour you wish to dream up.

I would like to help you bridge the gap between what you may think of as 3D reality to a world where you are this powerful and responsible creator of your own experiences.

What Have You Got To Lose?

It may not be easy, it may not be quick, your ego may die-hard (possible kicking and screaming as it is brought down) but it could also be the biggest transformative experience of your life and isn’t that what this is all about?

Could it not be that you came to this Earth, at this very auspicious time, to live to your fullest potential and be the very change that you want to see in the world?

It’s your call.  However — nothing ventured, nothing gained and remember, we are going to have fun doing this — enlightenment is not all about fasting, chanting and beating yourself over the head for being a dumb-ass.

What You Will Find at This Site

I want to keep you updated on:

  • Exploring and Practicing New Concepts and Ideas
  • Helping you to Create your Spiciest Version of Reality
  • Pushing Boundaries and Conquering Limiting Beliefs
  • Auditory Inspiration
  • Visual Inspiration
  • Empowering Articles

This site reflects my version of reality or ‘Wonderland’ but I will be over-the-moon if it helps and inspires you to create your own dream-scape world.  What you end up with is entirely up to you — you bold and dashing co-creator you!

So roll up your sleeves and come on a journey with me as we venture into the unknown pure potential of this new and exciting concept.

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John Cleese – Pushing Boundaries Through Comedy

WARNING:  PG 13 – Foul language used in this blog

I was fortunate enough to be able to go and see John Cleese‘s new show ‘Alimony Tour’ in 2012.

“Without these ground-breaking, side-splitting writers and actors we might never have broken the barrier of vulgar, fowl and completely insane comedy”

I have always been a huge fan of Fawlty Towers and Monty Python, not to mention A Fish Called Wanda and the latest triumph, ‘Spud’ – a movie made from the South African novel of the same title by John Van De Ruit.

The childhood memories of Basil Fawlty and the ‘deceased parrot’ skit are some of my fondest.  This so-called ‘black/dark’ humor has been my life-line in many occasions and it is all due to the genius of pioneer comedians such as Cleese and the Python team, as well as Connie Booth (Cleese’s first wife and co-writer and star of Fawlty Towers).

Without these ground-breaking, side-splitting writers and actors we might never have broken the barrier of vulgar, fowl and completely insane comedy.

Pushing Boundaries

Cleese mentioned that he was the first person to say ‘shit’ on the BBC and consequentially went on to be the ‘first’ person to say ‘fuck’ at the church memorial service for his fellow writer/actor/friend, Graham Chapman.  A tribute, Cleese declared, that his friend, Chapman, would have wanted him to fulfill at Chapman’s expense *grin*.

“With their light of humor, they shone laughter and mirth into the hearts of millions who needed to be uplifted from their daily grind.”

The Python team went on to push all sorts of boundaries with their completely zany comedy skits and movies.  The one thing they did achieve through this was a world-wide fan base and some of the best and most diverse comedy to hit the screens ever!

This opened up new avenues and diverse channels for finding humour in the mundane and darkest of places.  What’s life about if we can’t take the Micky out of everything!

Comedic pioneers, with their light of humour, shone laughter and mirth into the hearts of millions who needed to be uplifted from their daily grind.

On With the Show…

Mona Lisa grinThe show was about Cleese’s personal and professional history and what a journey it was!  From the humble beginnings in a one-horse town to the moment David Frost called him up to be on telly – the show takes you through the trials and tribulations of this mans extraordinary life.

Mother Cleese

I loved the story of his mother.  In a nutshell, she lived to be 101 years old – being born in 1900 and passing away in 2001, she experienced a centuries worth of tumultuous history – living through WW1, WW2 and the cold war – just to name a few major events.

However, according to Cleese, she never really noticed any of it due to her incessant fears, worries and phobias.  Something he later turned around when he offered to hire a hitman to ‘take her out’ if it made her feel better.  This made her laugh about her situation and from that moment onward they shared a special bond through his talent of ‘black comedy’.

The Effect on the Masses

What stood out for me during the performance was how all the thousands of people in the audience responded to some of the clips he was showing from his various shows.  The crowd was applauding, giving standing ovations and laughing merrily.

“When you have the ability to laugh, you have the ability to heal.”

This brought me to think:  How wonderful is laughter?!  It can unite so many people under its umbrella.  It can make us look at situations and find the humor, no matter how diverse in nature.

Laughter is the Best Damn Medicine

The human being has this wonderful gift – to laugh.  And, more importantly, to laugh at ourselves.  So many times, we take ourselves and situations too seriously.  When you have the ability to laugh, you have the ability to heal.

Be lighthearted and find something to laugh about every day.  You will reduce stress and you will be a fantastic person to be around.

Go on – have a laugh!

A Parting Word of Thanks (Just Don’t Mention the War!)

Thank you, John Cleese, and all the other comedians who pushed the boundaries and gave us all something to laugh about!  The echoes of laughter will linger long after you have moved on.

You leave this planet a much more jolly place to be in.  You all deserve medals for your contributions to pant-wetting.

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