Why You Should Ask Only Once

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During a daily ‘quickie’ meditation me and my hubby do, Mike turns to me and asks, ‘Why do we keep on asking for the same thing — surely that shows you don’t trust the process?

I tried to defend the situation by saying that repetition and affirmation anchor a desire. Then I thought about what my wise partner had said. He was, of course, right.

Esther Hicks (who channels ‘Abraham’) even said that when you ask it is always given — a cache exists in the ether of things waiting to match your vibration so you can claim them.

We have now changed how we do things and ask only once and then, in our daily meditation, give thanks for having it and feel into that timeline.

What does that mean though?

It simply means that you only need to ask once and it is given. It is then your job to raise your vibration and sort out those limiting beliefs that keep you from your desire so that you can meet that dream/goal.

That sounds like a right trough of gobbledygook, doesn’t it? We hear about limiting beliefs and raising your vibration but how exactly do you do that?

The Easiest Solution to Life and the Universe

You, in the revolutionary words of Bashar, follow your highest excitement — which means that you live every second of every day in joy and following a path of least resistance to what is. Read related articleMaking Peace With the Chaos in Your Life

Ergo, if you need to go to the toilet — enjoy that experience. Be grateful for the toilet and the toilet tissue that you can gently caress your derriere with afterwards. If you feel you need to take a nap — do so with gratitude for your nice, warm bed and relish in the peace that comes with sleep. If you need to make a sandwich — make the best sarnie you can and give thanks for the food in your pantry.

Gratitude is a fierce force for raising your vibration. Following your passion and joy boosts your happiness levels. Do both and you’ll be whiz-banging all the way.

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What about the moments that aren’t so pleasant? Say for instance: Paying the bills, going to work, cleaning the soap scum in the shower type-stuff?

Why do you believe that these things can be anything but pleasant?

  • If you can pay your bills then you are lucky! Give gratitude for the money you have and the service you are paying for. If you don’t have money, trust that everything will come to you as it should —not a moment too soon or too late. I’ve been doing this lately and it works a treat. At first, it’s harrowing but as you see the fluidity of how the universe works, you’ll start to Trust more.
  • If you don’t like your job, put out an intention to work somewhere more pleasant and then do your job to the best of SUBSCRIBE icon 1your ability — see if you can pick out the positive traits in the work you do. It might be a pleasant colleague or a great coffee machine. Start small and build it up even if the only positive thing you can glean is that you get paid for your services — then be grateful for that.
  • Make cleaning a game, put on some music and scrub to the beat. Be grateful that you have a shower. There are people out there who have to wash from a bucket.

These small things like giving thanks for food and having a warm bed, etc are stepping stones to raising your vibration.

If you liked this article, you may consider starting a gratitude journal. Every day write something you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. You’ll see your life start to change when you focus on the positive!

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