Feeling Into a Better Reality

Most people know by now (including scientists) that there are an infinite amount of parallel universes out there (or in here — it depends on your point of view).

“If you’re trying to change the world you are in now, you can’t. You must change YOU and then you will automatically attract the preferred version of Earth that matches your frequency.”

Okay, so what does that really mean?

Over the Moon with Kim

Let’s take North and South Korea. Wasn’t it just the shiznit to see those two leaders hugging and planting trees in each other’s country? Not to mention the disarming of nuclear weapons — that was the cherry on top! Read more HERE.

When I saw that I thought to myself, ‘hey girl, you’ve just slipped into a better version of Earth’. No doubt that there is a version out there that is in the throes of WW3 (what looked probable just 2 weeks ago!).

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How Is This Possible?

The fear mongering isn’t quite so effective any more, is it? The majority of the populace can see through the galvanizing of ‘opposing’ sides. Most of us don’t have a plummeting of energy (or slipping into fear) when we read all the supposed ‘true’ fake news like (insert mainstream media here). Could this be the reason why we’re seeing peace instead of war?

I like to think so.

I, personally, only felt a sense of well-being when I was hearing all the malarkey a few weeks ago. It would have normally upset me, but not any more. The media can take their fear peddling and shove it up their — to quote the expressive Irish — fecking arse.

Where To Now?

When you take charge of feeling good — aka raising your vibration and keeping a balanced state of joy — you are immediately aligning with a better reality. Even if you don’t quite know what you want yet, to wake up and state that ‘today is going to be a glorious day‘ will set you on a path of experiencing happiness (even if it’s the hot shower you just had).

Remember to have gratitude for the big and small things you experience (a great cup of coffee, a unbelievable job offer, etc). When you do this many times a day, you are raising your vibration.

When you wake up and decide that you are miserable and dreading the day, you plot a course for disaster. All it takes is a tweak in what you’re telling yourself. If something undesirable does happen just tell yourself, ‘I’ve got th


is! All is actually very well in my world‘. Keep faking it to make it if you must. Soon what you’re telling yourself won’t be fake, it’ll be the only truth.

Joy is your purpose.

If you’re cleaning the toilet, sing your favorite song; if you’re taking out the trash, do a little dance; if you’re stuck in traffic, take some time to reflect on all the great things in your life (melt into gratitude instead of road rage); if you’re fixed in a funk, remember that just to be the proud owner of a body is something to celebrate; if you’re cooking a meal, infuse it with love and gratitude; if you’re taking a nap, enjoy how it feels to lie in comfort and just dose off.

There is an abundance of joy in our every day experiences that we just don’t perceive as such — put on those rose-colored glasses and start dimension hopping!

If you liked this article, you may consider starting a gratitude journal. Every day write something you are grateful for, no matter how big or small. You’ll see your life start to change when you focus on the positive!

Get your gratitude journal today (click on this link or the picture below) for yourself or for someone you know who’s starting out on a self-empowerment path and could use a bit of motivation!


These gratitude journals can be purchased lined or blank (depending on whether you prefer drawing what you’re grateful for or writing it). They are 13.2cm x 18.6cm – a handy pocket-sized journal!

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