Are You Brave Enough to Be Happy?

“Happiness is an inside job. ~William Arthur Ward”

I wrote in a previous article that I had stumbled across a truth that turned my world upside down Alice style.

It was the mere statement that life is meaningless. It seems quite an abrasive statement, doesn’t it? It’s really not. It just means that life has no meaning until one is assigned. In other words, you give it either a positive or negative attribute (or leave it where it was — parked in neutral).

I thought this was quite profound and immediately started applying it to my life. Since then, it has become more incredible as I use it in pretty much every aspect of my life — from traffic jams to existential crises.

Bearing in mind that the universe is impartial (it is neither for you nor against you, it just is) and you and you’re epic consciousness give life it’s meaning — are you going to be brave and truly apply your choices with gusto?

Brave Jedi or Seduction to the Dark Side?

When you face a block — are you going to see it as something that isn’t part of your life, something that doesn’t belong there? Or, are you going to acknowledge that some things are put in your way to deter you from danger that you may never be able to prove; or possibly see it as a rerouting to a better version of your reality?

It takes a lot of courage to start seeing things from a different perspective. When you do, it’ll open up doors that you thought were beyond your power to open.

If you decide that this is all rubbish and you’ve no control over something negative, then good luck to you with that choice. Because, yes, it is a choice to view something as either negative, neutral (its actual state) or positive.

Follow the White Rabbit

As I was contemplating writing about this today, I saw a short video on my facebook feed — synchronicity shining through for me as it always does! It was a bride getting ditched on her wedding day. The moral of the video was all about being guided to a better life even if it doesn’t feel like that way in the moment (you could be feeling utterly devastated, completely hopeless or even suicidal).

If you give yourself time to ‘mourn’ and get over something with a view that it may have happened for a good reason and for your own personal growth, then you have won the challenge. This in turn raises your vibration so that you match the frequency of living life with curiosity, joy and awe — expecting miracles to happen even though you don’t know how they’re going to transpire (and, remember, it’s not your job to know how — leave it to the all-seeing higher self. Read related article: How to Communicate Instantly with Your Higher Self for Speedy Manifesting)

HOWEVER, if you fail to see it as such, YOU could predetermine it to be an ongoing negative scenario. If living in negativity is not in alignment with how you want to feel, you can turn it around…

Let me give you an example:

I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine and she was telling me about her divorce. She said that it was devastating at the time but she lived through it and was actually more empowered by it than she could have ever dreamed possible.

Even though, after her separation, she said she experienced many of her deepest fears materialize through her feelings of disempowerment and ‘victimhood’ — she admitted that she let the negativity run riot — she was guided to a Louise Hay book that completely transformed her thinking and her life.

8 years down the line, she got a visit from her ex-mother-in-law. She heard that her ex-husband had not changed his ways one iota and is on a downward spiral. She said it was in that moment that she truly felt blessed to have escaped what would have been a tough, if not loveless, marriage.

She is now on her path and is experiencing amazing synchronicities and magic because she chooses to see everything that plays out as perfect for her chosen journey. She understands that her perspective is what is giving her life meaning and she chooses to be H-A-P-P-Y. No matter what.

Be Like Girl

Be like my friend and CHOOSE how to feel. If you say you can’t, then you’ll become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Kick Nostradamus to the curb and grab your inner Nicholas Flamel (alchemize it, baby!). You affect your reality by what you think, feel and how you take action.

You CAN choose to see the diamond in the rough, the treasure in the trash, the needle in the haystack (oh, please make the idioms stop!) and therefore propel yourself into a higher vibration. When you are in a higher vibration, you automatically attract more things to be high on.

Play the Game

I decided the other day to experiment with how I was feeling.

I had the equivalent of $10 to my name for the next 10 days and was feeling lack. So, I played the abundance game. I decided that $10 was a lot of money and that I was going to attract everything I needed. I was overwhelmed in the next 4 days with gifts of every shape and variety.

sub buttonI was gifted with a beautiful little painting, a bottle of red wine, some yummy dark Lindt chocolate, biscuits, home-made jam, essential oils, cake, fruit and vegetables. My cupboards were bursting and I hadn’t even touched my $10!

Open yourself to receive without knowing who or where it’s going to come from. Just sit back and trust that your frequency is going to tune into some good shit (and you can quote me on that!).

Follow your joy, bliss, creativity in every moment and when you hit that ‘stop’ sign, make sure it is not in fact just a signpost to some outlandish adventure.

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