Did You Know That ‘Abracadabra’ Really is a Magically Loaded Word?

It is said that the magic word, ‘Abracadabra’ may have Aramaic origins meaning ‘I create as I speak’. Not such a childish word after all, eh?

Law of Attraction fundi’s (a nifty little African word for ‘experts’) will probably resonate with the above definition of this magical incantation — is it ringing a few bells for you?

As you may be aware already, there are 3 fundamental steps to using the LOA:

  • Ask (formulate the desire or thought then write it down/and or verbalize it)
  • Believe (embody the feeling of having what you want)
  • Receive (make believe as if you have it already, act like you have it, speak as if you have it, know that it is coming and…voila!)

Create Your Life Through Magic

Is magic real? The dictionary definition for magic says it all:

The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.”

Well, my friend, you are that mysterious force!

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What is the difference between prayers, affirmations and spells? In my opinion…nothing. They are just different tools to accomplish the same thing.

We all know that words are powerful. Their very vibration can heal us, build us up, convey our love or sway us to kill each other, tear us down, cast doubt and pain…you get the picture.

How you use the word is your baby — as is using any kind of energy (words are energetic as they carry a frequency). It’s a responsibility in and of itself.

Hate speech or gossip can greatly affect the lives of the people you are casting the words at or about. Speaking positive, loving words can also affect the ones we are directing the energy towards.

Which Team Are You On?

There are pretty much 2 teams that I know of:

  1. Service to self or
  2. Service to others.

If you want to get clearer on the above terms, read this: What is Service to Self (STS) and Service to Others (STO)?

“A person standing in the light has a shadow.  A person standing in the dark has none.  What does this mean?  Even the best of us have shadows.” Read more about the Shadow Self here.

Even Star Wars brings up this concept through the Sith and the Jedi.

The Sith are classically STS and the Jedi are STO. They both know how to use The Force and there is a fine line that separates ‘good’ from ‘evil’ (something we all must discover within — use our intuition/discernment) which is why it is important to work on accepting and understanding your shadow self.

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Did you know you’re already an all-encompassing magician? Let me explain…

Party Tricks and Life Conundrums

We all use words, don’t we? Every day. For some of us, every second of every day.

I create as I speakOn some level, you have been casting spells all the time. Look back at your life and try to see how the words you use — to describe yourself or your body, your partner, your children/family/friends, your colleagues, your job, your finances, your car, your neighborhood — are all what you may be experiencing now.

It’s one thing to know a good card trick or to pull something out of the hat but it’s another thing to consciously realize that every thought you think, every word you utter is a declaration of what you are calling into being.

Makes you think, doesn’t it? It also makes you want to staple your gob shut! Lol. Good news is, you can direct your words through awareness.

Here’s what you CAN do to be more mindful of the words you are speaking and how it can change your life and the lives of those around you:

  1. You can easily catch yourself gossiping and turn it around or just stop, apologize to whomever you are speaking to and explain that this is not serving anyone.
  2. You can undoubtedly stop criticizing yourself, your appearance, your children, your partner or anyone else when you’re alert.
  3. You can assuredly choose better words to describe your situation, whatever it may be, to reflect a proclamation of what you want instead of what you think ‘is’. Life doesn’t have to be what it is right now if that’s not what you want. What you are experiencing now is the magic performed yesterday. You’re not a victim of circumstance — you can participate right now in creating a new life as if by magic (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*).

Hocus pocus? Well, if you think so then so shall it be. That’s how magical you are, you prestidigitator!

This article was written by Cherie Roe Dirksen for Conscious Life News — CLICK HERE to visit their awesome site!

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