How to Filter Your Blurbs

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Be Impeccable With Your Words

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote about this in his book ‘The Four Agreements’ but I’d like to touch on it today as it is something that has been on my mind lately.

You see, I believe there is a difference between speaking the truth and saying what needs to be said.

What Does Impeccability Really Mean?

CosmosTo be impeccable with your word simply means to have the ability to filter your thoughts into productive or empathic speech.

It sounds simple but it can be most difficult for some who find themselves impulsively speaking the first thing that comes to mind or for those who think that to tell the truth in any situation is perfectly alright.

Yes, we should be able to speak our truths but sometimes it is not appropriate.  Do you have the capacity to discern which is which?

For example:

You come across someone who is a little slow and less sharp than what is deemed average.  Do you tell this person the truth that he/she is stupid?  It is, after all, the truth (as seen by you).

Well I hope you answered no, because it is neither a productive thing to say nor is it necessary.  This would be like marching up to someone who is mature in years and decrepid and telling them that they old and falling apart.  It is an unnecessary truth.

Now of course there are people out their exercising their right to stupidity that are really going to grate your butt down to the bone but it is best to walk away or try to help them out rather than be unproductive and start hurling abuse.

Do not justify your blurb by saying, ‘well, it is the truth’.  Be very careful when you justify your behavior without taking a long hard look at yourself.  As that very famous phrase from the movie Forest Gump goes;  ‘Stupid is as stupid does!’.

Question Time

When you are at that split-second junction where you are about to say something, stop yourself and quickly assess:

(a) is what I’m about to say going to be helpful (productive) to this person?

(b) if so, how can I phrase it with tact (empathy)?

To Use Euphemism or To Euthanize!

Cosmos 2I often feel like ringing a person’s neck when they feel entitled to blurt out something mean and uncalled for to someone else, don’t you?

Especially when you can see the hurt in the other persons eyes.  I do understand that we must all face our karma and learn to take these things on the chin (see my article called ‘9 Truths About Letting Go of Opinions that Taint Us’) but it still pisses me off no end when someone is tactless.

Let the words that fall from your lips be that which your heart agrees upon.  Venomous words will only result in being toxic to yourself and to others.

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