Why ‘Heart Talk’ is SO Important



  • Ever spoken to someone who isn’t really listening?
  • Ever started a conversation and you can just sense your partner is more interested in saying what he/she wants to say without regard to your input?

We’ve all been there.

It’s not a great feeling to waste your breath and effort when you just know it’s falling upon deaf ears or when you’re just not being ‘heard’. Sometimes we feel like we’re in the firing range of someone’s motor-mouth and you’re being spoken ‘at’ and not ‘to’!

Wits End Meets Heart Opening

I’m afraid I’m losing my patience with people who are talking to me with their ‘heads’.

What do I mean?

You’re being spoken at by a person who is only interested in getting their logical perspective across irrespective of what their heart is trying to express. It’s kind of a heart bypass that shoots straight to the thought process.

When we communicate with our hearts we first open a space for dialogue to begin. A dialogue that is receptive as well as giving — where you give a person a chance to speak and they reciprocate.

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How Do I Begin Heart Dialogue?

Firstly, you need to drop into your heart space (where your physical heart resides).

Your heart emits a frequency that can be measured (in fact, its electromagnetic field is 500 times stronger than that of the brain) and when 2 or more people are communicating through this frequency, you will have a better chance of clear, pure, flowing, integral dialogue.

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye” — H. Jackson Brown, Jnr

Your quality of conversation is going to be better because you are not only conversing with language and emotion but with feeling too. The other person is going to connect with your field and be ‘in tune’, so to speak, with you. So, it’s more likely that any deception will be picked up by that innate part of you that can hone in on these things.

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Secondly, when you communicate from your heart, you open yourself up to a more truthful, no-bullsh*t kind of conversation (you know — the ones worth having!).

Your words will flow with more ease and fluidity.

When you trust that what needs to be said will be said, you have no need to rush your words. Have you noticed how most spiritual teachers speak very slowly and with great distinctness? You will, most likely, be guided to say what needs to be said without having to beat around the bush, flounder or hog the floor unnecessarily.

Straight From the Horses Mouth

I was having a conversation the other day and what would have taken me half an hour to explain just drifted calmly out of my mouth in about 3 sentences. They were succinct, truthful and to the point. No waffling.

It was great!

I haven’t been particularly loquacious these past few months and have been feeling very foggy and scrambled in the head of late (ditsy blonde that I am!) but more frequently I am finding the right words at the right time.

Either that or I end up grinning like a Cheshire cat or expressing myself through interpretive dance.

I’m really rooting for full-on telepathic communication in the not-so-distant future. Truth be told, I’ve already begun to experience this kind of connection and I can’t wait for it to go mainstream!

I hope you will start to have more meaningful, inspiring tête-à-têtes in your NOW moments.

  • What’s your take on heart versus head communication?
  • Have you tried it? If so, spill the beans in the comment box below 🙂

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How to Filter Your Blurbs

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Be Impeccable With Your Words

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote about this in his book ‘The Four Agreements’ but I’d like to touch on it today as it is something that has been on my mind lately.

You see, I believe there is a difference between speaking the truth and saying what needs to be said.

What Does Impeccability Really Mean?

CosmosTo be impeccable with your word simply means to have the ability to filter your thoughts into productive or empathic speech.

It sounds simple but it can be most difficult for some who find themselves impulsively speaking the first thing that comes to mind or for those who think that to tell the truth in any situation is perfectly alright.

Yes, we should be able to speak our truths but sometimes it is not appropriate.  Do you have the capacity to discern which is which?

For example:

You come across someone who is a little slow and less sharp than what is deemed average.  Do you tell this person the truth that he/she is stupid?  It is, after all, the truth (as seen by you).

Well I hope you answered no, because it is neither a productive thing to say nor is it necessary.  This would be like marching up to someone who is mature in years and decrepid and telling them that they old and falling apart.  It is an unnecessary truth.

Now of course there are people out their exercising their right to stupidity that are really going to grate your butt down to the bone but it is best to walk away or try to help them out rather than be unproductive and start hurling abuse.

Do not justify your blurb by saying, ‘well, it is the truth’.  Be very careful when you justify your behavior without taking a long hard look at yourself.  As that very famous phrase from the movie Forest Gump goes;  ‘Stupid is as stupid does!’.

Question Time

When you are at that split-second junction where you are about to say something, stop yourself and quickly assess:

(a) is what I’m about to say going to be helpful (productive) to this person?

(b) if so, how can I phrase it with tact (empathy)?

To Use Euphemism or To Euthanize!

Cosmos 2I often feel like ringing a person’s neck when they feel entitled to blurt out something mean and uncalled for to someone else, don’t you?

Especially when you can see the hurt in the other persons eyes.  I do understand that we must all face our karma and learn to take these things on the chin (see my article called ‘9 Truths About Letting Go of Opinions that Taint Us’) but it still pisses me off no end when someone is tactless.

Let the words that fall from your lips be that which your heart agrees upon.  Venomous words will only result in being toxic to yourself and to others.

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