Why ‘The Echo’ is Important on Your Evolutionary Path

Trusting the Echo Process

So you’ve taken the initiative to change the course of your life to something that pleases you more. You’ve recognized that you are the co-creator of your experience and you’ve set your sails to bring you more of what you desire.

Suddenly you are confronted with more of what you don’t want.


Understanding the Echo Effect

It’s known as an echo. The Universe, in its weird and mysterious way, puts these ‘echo’s’ before us to get us to confront our change and see if it is what we want and if we are vibrationally aligned to said change.

What this means is that if you’ve been manifesting car problems and your new desire is to have a car that runs smoothly. You may get a flat tyre or a blown gasket. This is a kind of frequency test.

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What is Your Reaction?

What’s actually happening is a test on how you REACT to this. If you truly are on a new path where your car is working great — your vibration will be light when one of these echo’s comes a-calling.

If you have changed and are on the track of vibrant va-va-voom vehicle vibrations, then you can just shrug off this echo and say to the Universe, ‘this is okay ’cause I know what I want and what I want is a working car. All is well’. Your vibration will be matched and you have passed the test.

If you lose your marbles and start kicking the car and saying, ‘why does this always happen to me?’ — you clearly have not changed your vibration to what you want.

Facing the Echo — Design or Default?

It feels like a dichotomous situation to get a repeat of the energy of the past but it is a vital factor in YOU realizing that you have not (or have) actually changed the way you think and feel.

You can either design the future (I want a working car) or go to the factory default (my car always fails me). The echo is a way to test your vibration to see if you are on a new timeline.

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SUBSCRIBE icon 1It’s actually a great thing to get an echo because it means that your desire is being processed and you are in the throes of the final tweak.

Don’t get caught up in the echo and feel like you’re going backwards — shout into that echo with a ‘thank you! I’ve totally got this and trust with a capital T’.

If you can face adversity and be calm and content about it, you have just stepped over the threshold of manifesting what you desire. The echo test is your gauge.

Trust in the process and don’t let those echo’s pull you back into the reality you want to step away from.

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