Switching From Random Creating to Intentional Creating

Intentional Creating

Okay, so I hear a lot of people saying that the Law of Attraction is bullsh*t. I get questions like:

  • How can I have attracted all that bad stuff from my past — I would never have wanted that?
  • How can I have brought that abusive relationship into my life — do you really think I wanted to be beaten black and blue?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?

I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers. I can only share what I have learnt through my life experience and through other people’s life experiences and various other research material.

A Reality of All Possibilities

We live in a universe that is ever-expanding — a universe where all possibilities are available. Unfortunately, this means the good along with the bad.

It would certainly appear that we are living on a planet of free choice — where anything goes. We can play out any scenario we want. Some are doing a great job and are happy, some are merely plodding along and some are conjuring a negative or even evil reality.

Problem is, most of humanity doesn’t realize that they are powerful co-creators of their reality and get sucked into other peoples creations without conscious choice. What compounds this feeling of hopelessness is we have been programmed to just accept that life is unfair and we are powerless.

This is a lie.

Getting Sucked into a Bad Reality

I’ve seen some children sadly experience a lot of negativity early on in their lives. The unfortunate part is they just go with that flow and accept that this is the ‘norm’ and THE one reality (not realizing they’ve been drawn into someone else’s or a collective reality and that there are billions of different realities on planet Earth at any given moment).

We’re never taught at school about the Law of Attraction or what positively potent manifestors we are. We are molded by a society that is, let’s face it, inherently sick to the core.

So, these poor children keep on getting beaten down by life and keep attracting more and more negative experiences and unsavoury characters (not realizing that the LOA is attracting more like experiences). Childhood turns into teenage life and then, these innately beautiful souls, become adults with a very twisted sense of what ‘the norm’ is through no fault of their own.

Some even persuade themselves that all people are innately bad so it’s quite normal to have these bad apple friends and to do shocking things themselves.

We’ve Been Tricked!

We have been taught — almost from birth — that we are small, insignificant, powerless creatures who are subject to life just ‘happening’ to us. It’s no wonder that most people don’t realize that they are haphazardly drawing in random experiences when they are not aware of their innate strength.

This is why I think some people (and, yes, it’s usually the good ones) have some hectic experiences…but only up until the point where they can truly accept and believe 100% in the Divine co-creator that lives inside.

That’s where you can use the Law of Attraction to start altering your reality.

This is why I refrain from telling people they’ve attracted everything from their past into their life experience because it makes the person feel terribly bad about themselves. It is true, however, that the LOA is always at work — as it is impartial — and just keeps compounding the current emotions and feelings. However, it is counterproductive to accuse people of creating their past traumatic experiences when they could have had NO idea that they were creating their experience at the time.

As I said before, if you are not aware that you are in a universe that has a Law of Attraction — how can you possibly be responsible for what has happened to you?

In my opinion, you can only be responsible for how you CONTINUE to create from the point of awareness onward — in other words, when you learn about the LOA and are aware of how this energy works, then you are responsible for your life.

Using the Law of Attraction

Using the LOA isn’t a walk in the park at first — you’ve got to stick with the program and not get stuck in that powerlessness void that can sometimes creep in to test your beliefs. We all have our peaks and troughs and we all have to soldier through them.

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Just remember, you’ve got a multitude of layers that you’ve got to strip to get to your true source.

Becoming aware is not about sitting in the lotus position with a fat smile on your face and wafting above the clouds (although there’s nothing wrong with doing this periodically). You’ve still got to stick out 3D reality and this is the tricky part. The world isn’t going to change, it’s how YOU see the world and work with it that’s going to change your perception of reality and therefore alter your experience.

Other Considerations

Before I became aware of who I was (aka a Divine aspect of Source, just like you!) I also randomly created my reality — having some out-of-control experiences and some pretty good ones too. Point is, I was just going about my life letting reality happen to me (and sometimes getting caught up in other peoples drama too).

I know some people just hate the concept that when bad experiences happen to you, it’s there for a reason and helps you to grow. I’m sorry, but I happen to believe that there is much truth in this.

I’ve had some pretty traumatic things happen to me in my life that, in hindsight, I could eventually see the positive threads appear. It may have taken me upwards of 20 years to see the positive aspect, but they were there.

You’ve got to mine your experiences for the diamonds that so many just leave lying in the dirt.

I believe that if you can take a bad situation and grow from it, you will be able to help others cross the bridge with more integrity and understanding — and that’s nothing to be snuffed at.

Of course, many teachings also speak of karma and soul contracts which seem inconceivable to us experiencing the existential life — lessons we come in to accomplish in our lifetime. This is an area that only your soul knows and it is, for the most part, unprovable — it can be lumped into that ‘Great Mystery’. I suggest you never tell people that bad things are happening because they have a soul contract or a karmic debt — this is horribly presumptuous.

Another persons path is THEIR path and not for you to cast judgments on. All you should do is be supportive and gently remind them that they are powerful creators who are always divinely loved and supported if they choose to see and feel it.

Awareness and Choice — a Lethal Manifesting Recipe

All I know — for a fact — about my existence is that when I became aware of the Law of Attraction my life changed for the better.

I am still a student though and have my ups and downs — it’s not easy changing the program but I work at it every day. I’m still confronted with my own limiting beliefs but I know that the more I chip away at them, the more freedom and joy I experience.

Life’s a trip!

The other fact is that I know I always have choice. My choices impact my reality and I take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions (even when I’m being a slack manifestor). I accept that there is a Great Mystery to life and that I’m not always going to have the answers but I’ve made peace with that.

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