Are You Expecting Good Things to Happen? Why You Should…

Your Focus is Your Life If you're not expecting great things to happen to you each and every day, you're probably not going to be disappointed — you'll be creating the mundane. You're a powerful creator either way. Remember that movie 'Groundhog Day'? The main character repeated the same day over and over and over... Continue Reading →


Why You Need to Tap into Your Muchness for Self Confidence

What is Muchness? Muchness can be described in many ways. Here is a list that best describes what your muchness really encompasses: greatness, moxie, spunk, backbone, adventuresomeness (yes, it is a real word!), tenacity, valor, spirit, braveness, determination, grit. Makes you want to leap up off your chair and punch the air, right? Trouble is,... Continue Reading →

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