What You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Space Invaders

Feeling Down For No Reason? Let's cut to the chase — are you experiencing any of these symptoms: drained of energy/feeling low, always getting sick, feeling depressed, feeling drained after being with or talking to certain people, lacking good sleep or feeling uneasy, attracting negativity or negative people into your life, feeling thwarted in your... Continue Reading →

How to Better Understand Your Yin/Yang Energy

I saw on my Facebook feed one early morn, that Venus and Mars are doing a little dance in the morning sky together in my neck of the woods. On 1st September (which is our Spring Day in the Southern Hemisphere), they were apparently at an exact degree in Leo and appear as one united star.... Continue Reading →

Herstory — An Intriguing Account

Today's blog is going to be a little different...okay, a LOT different. About a week ago, I was urged to sit down at my laptop and felt like I was literally channeling this poem (hence the rather different way linguistic phrasing) from the ether. Yin and Yang — The Eternal Love Story In line with... Continue Reading →

Disclosure: My Awakening Blew My Reality Apart!

Today is a Big Day For Me As I sit at my keyboard, I realize that this is going to be one of the most difficult blogs I have ever written.  However, what I am about to divulge needs to be said — it has taken me 3 years to pluck up the courage to... Continue Reading →

The Pyramid Code: A Documentary Exploring Ancient Sacred Sites

This is a fantastic documentary about Ancient Egypt — beyond what we are told by National Geographic programs and Dr Zahi Hawass (who seems to be behind everything we see about Egyptology, the much-guarded information that we are allowed to, selectively, be privy of seeing and hearing). Just remember:  Even if your opinions differ, it... Continue Reading →

What Ancient Egyptians Can Teach Us About DNA and Cloning

A Fascinating Theory About DNA Todays blog is not going to be an article as such, just a theory that I am going to put forward to you.  So let's put our thinking caps on and take a swim back over the tides of time to ancient Egypt, a lost culture that I believe to... Continue Reading →

Aliens — How Close Are We To Disclosure?

Since the early twentieth century aliens have fascinated us with the stories of UFOs and tales of abductions. Fanciful books and movies about aliens have circulated since the great hype of the 1950s. "What if, through science fiction, these films were made to prepare us for the inevitable ‘close’ encounter?" Our imaginations have run riot,... Continue Reading →

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