How to Find the Perfectly Balanced YOU Right Now

Radiate the Love you Are

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” 
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

The Bittersweet Dischord

How cool are we as a species? We have such resilience — we are like elastic bands trying to conform, contort and snap ourselves to fit the mold (whatever that mold may be).

We have the ability to take on a million different things in order to chase perfection, love, money, respect, happiness and a gazillion other things we think we need and don’t have. Most of these things boil down to the giving and receiving of love. We all want to be loved and accepted.

We can do this until we find ourselves six feet under.

The simple fact is that we’ve lost the plot.

We’ve totally lost the plot.

Hell, I don’t even think we ever really knew what the storyboard was in the first place. We just know we are characters with a job to do. We’re born and immediately we start conforming to the standards society sets.

Do you ever stop to ask yourself why you continue a tradition that was never yours?

So many of us are taught from an early age to hate certain religions, cultures and generally people who don’t conform to our version of ‘right’.

Simply put: We’re living in a pre-constructed world set up to someone else’s ideals. Strange, isn’t it? But most of us never seem to question it.

Love’s the Greatest Thing That We Have

If love is the end result to most of our strenuous efforts then I have good news for you. You ARE love.

The other great thing is, there is no need to give or receive it — you just ARE it. You are pure love incarnation.

Think of the sun. It shines all the time. It doesn’t give it’s light away — it just IS light. You don’t have to receive the light or stand in line to get at it (unless you’re in an airport trying to escape to Spain for a hotter climate)…you just decide to either stand in its brilliance and absorb the light or hide in a cave and not accept the warmth.

Love is the same.

Love is all around us all the time. Love is in us. We are love itself. Pure vessels of unconditional love who are experiencing a bit of temporary amnesia.

If we just accepted the love source that we are and stand in that power — radiate that shit all day — we would be emulating the Tao Te Ching quote from the top of this article.

The other amazing benefit of realizing that you are just pure love itself is that It feels good to just stand for love. To just love love love with a dash more love. Even when people are being assholes — just love the crap out of them (oh pun definitely intended!).

You don’t have to do it in an airy-fairy, pooping candy floss kind of way — you’re totally in control of how you choose to give the love. It may just be in the form of non-retaliation  — as in, if a person is truly hitting all your buttons try to remain calm and present and send them love without them even knowing (although they are bound to feel it or at least the lack of your retaliation energy).

The love energy just naturally draws out the love energy of another. Most of the time, the other person won’t know what’s hit them. They may not quite understand what’s going on but they will feel an energetic shift. It may even aggravate them (as they resist the unfamiliar reaction) but you just stand in your truth and eventually there will be no resistance.

I’m not saying they’re going to pull a Mother Theresa on you instantly — most likely not, but you will have made an energetic shift in the relationship/encounter.

Unicorns, Fluffy Bunnies and Cotton Candy…A Final Say in the Matter

Simply be yourself. Allow yourself to shine love out like the sun — to be that pure love source and just see how your life changes (and those you interact with).

Love the amazing being that you are (read related article Do You Feel Worthless? 2 Reasons Why You Need to Love YOU) — an amazing creation of the Divine. You are Divine love itself, how cool is that? All that other stuff is just a complete ball-faced lie — an illusion that’s had us hoodwinked for centuries.

Have a good laugh at all the things you thought were real but just aren’t a part of the real plot. The real plot is accepting your delicious God-self and standing in perfect alignment with love — the only thing that is true and worthy of any good plot.

No trying to love, no giving love, no receiving love — just BEING love itself. Shine on you crazy diamond!

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Do You Understand Unconditional Love?

Playing with Words

Now let’s cast aside all cheesy connotations of the word and let’s have a closer look at it…LOVE.

L  O  V  E.

Yes, but what does it mean?

Now I like to play with words and I think it is fascinating that word like disease broken down are ‘dis-ease’ and ‘remember’ is to ‘re-member’ (become a part of the whole again), so love backwards begins to spell…evol – ve?  Maybe…evol – ution…could be.  Just a thought…

Aren’t we all progressively trying to evolve in one way or another?  Could love be the catalyst for evolution?

To Love Unconditionally

Love is more than a word or chemical reaction in the brain telling us how we feel.  Love is the Universal language of emotion.  It can even be called the ultimate emotion.  Or going out on a limb, the only true emotion – the one that leads back to Source.

“We say we love unconditionally but in reality our love always comes with conditions attached.”

There are of course ‘different’ types of love.  The love a mother has for a child, the romantic kind of love, brotherly/sisterly love, love for thy neighbor, and the list goes on.  You get the picture.  But what does it really mean?

Love is unconditional.  Another word that most people roll their eyes at…what is unconditional?  We say we love unconditionally but in reality our love always comes with conditions attached.  Think about it.

Do you love your partner unconditionally?  No, I hear you say.  Okay, why?  Well, because there is the fear of them leaving or, even worse, leaving me for someone else.  Fear, another wonderful concept that I delve into in my new book ‘Divine You’ (now available at all good bookstores!).

Understanding Love

Heart IITo love unconditionally is best likened to the parental type of love.  Even though it goes to say that even some parents love with attachments — this is most typically found in Western and even in Eastern cultures where parents tend to live through their children and do not let the children experience their own desires.  But typically a parent loves their child (ren) unconditionally.

” A parent will love their child even if that child does something unspeakable…”

This is the closest we are going to get in this 3D realm to what unconditional love really looks like.  A parent will love their child even if that child does something unspeakable.  Even if your child were to commit a serious crime.  You wouldn’t just stop loving your child if they were to murder someone.

You might be devastated but you will still love them.

Turning off Judgment to Experience Love

Love is something you can’t switch off.  But judgment is.  Judgment can be switched off, it just takes time and practice.  I say this because our need to judge continuously clouds our need to love unconditionally.

“We judge in others what we don’t like about ourselves.”

Isn’t that what this is really about?  We blind ourselves through judgment of others.  Why?  Because everyone is mirrored back to us.  We judge in others what we don’t like about ourselves.

I will continue more on this topic in Thursdays blog (please click the ‘follow’ button in the sidebar if you wish to be instantly updated when blogs are released).  This has been an extract from my latest book ‘Divine You — Redefining Love in the New Earth’ which is now available.

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