Are You Running Yourself into the Ground?


“Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie
Which we ascribe to heaven.”
~William Shakespeare, All’s Well That Ends Well

Let’s Play a Little Doctor Doctor

Say you get sick.  Your physical body needs time to repair.  A no-brainer?

It’s important to have down-time when your body is out of alignment physically — which we call having dis-ease or an ailment.  We all know this.  To carry on ‘as per normal’ when your body is feeling worn-out, sore or in pain is futile and leads to more suffering.

Let’s try this out on something slightly different…

Call in the Psychiatrist

StrollSo, now why can’t we seem to gift ourselves with the same ‘down-time’ when our emotional body is ‘sick’?

Sometimes we get into a slump or feel down — this is human!  If we don’t let ourselves be in this space and give ourselves some time to get quiet, reflect and just ‘sit with it’, we can make it ten times worse.  It can even lead to a stronger form of depression.

Denial of the space you’re in is suppressing something that is just going to come around again sometime in the future to nip your ass.

Peaks and Troughs

The other day I felt elated.  Oh my wobbly, knitted hat!  I was on cloud 9 and nothing could get me down.  I had figured out life on earth and all the other idiosyncrasies therein and I was feeling good.

The next day I woke up in the pits of hell.

What happened?

Shit Happens

I could blame it on solar flares, the news, collective pain-bodies, minor psychosis, PPISS (Post Physical Incarnation Stress Syndrome — or taking ‘the piss’) or even schizophrenia — but there you have it, my mood swing saw me in tears by the end of the day wishing for it to all end.

I felt like a cop-out — someone who writes about how to get out of emotional quagmire and here I am sitting waiting for the ground to swallow me whole.  I felt like such a hypocrite!

I even went over some of my ‘how to pull yourself out of depression’ stuff from my articles but it was too late for that.  I was descending into the smelly pits of Beelzebub’s bowels.

Now, in my defense, some of that advice can and does work but this case was slightly different.

The next morning I woke up with the phrase ‘zero point’ in my head.  I do this sometimes — have dreams or little ‘a-ha’ moments in my sleep or just before I’m rebirthed into a brand new day and I usually can recollect it soon after I awaken.

I sat on my couch with my morning cuppa, deep in contemplation over these two words…’zero point’.

Zone Out to Zone In

Feeling downZero point (in my understanding of it) is the whittling down of one energy to it’s lowest point in order to gain momentum to a new energy.

My ‘depression’ did feel like I had wound down to an almost nullified space, so this was intriguing.

Here’s the upshot of what came through when I meditated on this concept and what I should do about my feelings:

  • There is an elated, blissful, enlightened self
  • There is a shadow self
  • Merge the two
  • It’s okay to feel down and you don’t have to put your ‘Julie Andrews’ slippers on if they don’t fit in the moment
  • Be silent and sit with your feelings
  • What’s in it for you?
  • Find the source of the problem and bring it to the light
  • That’s how you merge the shadow and light self
  • You can’t just be one or the other — there’s no balance in that
  • Be a Gemini and merge the ‘celestial’ with the ‘corporeal’ (see here for the mythologically captivating tale of how the constellation ‘Gemini’ came about)

What the blazes am I on about?  Simple:

It’s okay to feel the emotions of duality — there should be no judgment in that.  Just find your balance (zero point).  Don’t let either one swallow you whole or you will be out of alignment.

“People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.”  ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

You are both Glorious and Diabolical. Embrace it!  Accept who you are fully and totally.

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Butterflies and Hurricanes — 2012 is Here!

So, 2012 is here and we are about to enter one of the most anticipated years in history!

Are you feeling it?  This year has a certain air of mystery, intrigue, excitement, anxiety, angst and nervous anticipation.  What do we do?  What can we do?  Is there anything TO do?

The answer is an emphatic YES!  You can take time out this year for yourself.

The Search to Reconnect with Your Inner Being

Inner reflection is the key to unlocking the authentic you.  The you that is your core essence, buried deep down inside  — past all the various layers you have accumulated over time and experience.

“If you make yourself a top priority, you will be strong enough to help others on their path.”

  • Take time out to meditate, get in touch with the silence.  Learn to be comfortable in silence.
  • Take a fresh look at your diet and make sure to add lots of pure water, fruit and vegetables to it.  Remember that you are what you eat.  Do you feel heavy?  Are you eating heavy starchy foods?  Or too much meat?  Get real about what you are putting into your unique temple.
  • Treat your body to regular exercise.  Do something that you enjoy.  It is useless to commit to an exercise regime when you hate it.  Play to your strengths.  Do you like to take a walk in a forest or along a beach?  Do you enjoy dancing?  Find out what you like to do and fit it into a fitness routine.  Cater to your needs and preferences.
  • Take time out to be in nature — go to the beach, climb mountains, hike in fields or simply sit under a tree.  Reconnect with the Earth — this is your home.  Find the beauty that is on your doorstep.
  • Get creative.  Take time out to muck about.  Get a hobby, rekindle your interest for photography or art.  Give yourself time to explore a creative avenue.
  • Play.  Connect with the inner child every once in a while (preferably as much as you can).  Play in sand, dance in the rain, laugh your head off — let your hair down and stop caring about what anyone thinks.  What do you think?  That’s all that matters.
  • Eat lots of dark chocolate.  I don’t know how important this step is but I thought it might round this list off nicely.  However, it has been proven to release happy endorphins in your body, so a little shouldn’t hurt!  Click here for an article on the positive effects of eating chocolate.
New Years Resolutions…

So, this new year make your resolutions about you and reconnecting to your divine self.  Explore your inner depths and uncover your I AM presence.  If you make yourself a top priority, you will be strong enough to help others on their path.

Be kind and compassionate towards yourself and you will then be able to find it easier to relate to others and to see the connection we all have with each other.

Separation is the Illusion, unity is our reality.

Butterflies and Hurricanes

This year may feel chaotic and turbulent but you can always transmute any energy to your advantage.

You can choose to be the butterfly, free and beautiful or you can get stuck in the hurricane of chaos and drama.

Choices map out our future.  Make sure you choose from your heart.  It is easy to get caught up in drama if you don’t remain grounded and coherent in your thinking patterns.

Detach from drama and be the still presence.  Be compassionate and loving whilst remaining firm and grounded.

Happy New Year everybody!

My new book is due for release soon…

Out now…